Material Handling Timeline and Transparency

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Material Handling Timeline and Transparency

The most trusted companies in the world tend to offer a wealth of knowledge and history solving solutions for their industry. Handling Specialty is no exception. Catering to multiple industries, supplying custom solutions for specific applications, Handling Specialty has a proud history of diversification.

Beginning by supporting the automotive industry in 1963, Handling Specialty later moved its offices and plant to Grimsby, Ontario in order to take advantage of the location which includes the QEW highway which crosses the border into the United States in under an hour, Lake Ontario which travels through the St. Lawrence and onto the Atlantic Ocean, easy access to Toronto’s Pearson International Airport in less than an hour and Hamilton International Airport in 25 minutes.

Diversification began in the 1980s as the design/engineering and manufacturing firm branched out to ensure work for their growing talent base. With so many trade schools and universities within a stone’s throw of Grimsby, Handling Specialty knew they could procure the right people to ensure that the company moved forward.

A company’s history can tell you a lot about their ability to overcome obstacles and create lasting impressions on their clients. Through transparency (WHY US?) and return customers, a client begins to understand the story the company is trying to tell. Testimonials (found on virtually every page of their website) also assist in offering potential clients a clearer picture of how others have come to appreciate the company’s unique talents and strengths.

Handling Specialty is proud of their history and admits that they’ve learned from their mistakes. A company that suggests it’s never made a mistake is a company that has become complacent and not advanced with their product or procedures. Complacency is not a desirable attribute you want in a company that is building a product to safely place employees and equipment in an assembly or manufacturing role.

When considering a custom material handling equipment company for your unique or specific application please contact Handling Specialty