Material Handling Solutions for Industry

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When we discuss material handling solutions for industry, what are we talking about? The term industry integrates multiple businesses including manufacturing, assembly, maintenance, and repair operations. Each of these categories are found in industries like Automotive, Aerospace, Advanced Manufacturing, Rail & Transportation, Power Generation, Iron & Steel and more. Material handling equipment must be engineered for each industry and category to perform efficiently to the specified requirements and conditions of the job.

Turnkey Material Handling Solutions

Companies like Handling Specialty Manufacturing Ltd. offer turnkey solutions for every aspect of your industry needs. As a design/build firm that has created material handling solutions for industries of every type all over the world, Handling Specialty has the talent and experience to assist in your new build or improve upon your current factory space.

Work Smarter

Helping industry work smarter is another advantage of using a design/build firm that has been in business for over 55 years. Look for experience and case studies that support your business model. If you manufacture, assemble, maintain, or repair product in the Automotive, Aerospace, Advanced manufacturing, Rail & Transportation, Power Generation, and Iron & Steel, look for a company who specializes in engineering and building equipment to support your facility’s output. Reduce downtime and create an ergonomic work environment for your technicians that will increase efficiency and drive better results.

Material Handling Advantages

The design of custom material handling equipment offers industry exceptional advantages in every category by producing the perfect solution to your material handling needs. Handling Specialty is the premiere design/build supplier for custom material handling equipment with experience in all industry.

Material handling equipment examples include AGVs or Automated Guided Vehicles, MGVs or Manually Guided Vehicles, Scissor lifts, Rollover & Rotational Stations, Personnel Lifts & Work Access Platforms, In-Floor Lifting Systems, 4-Post Lifts & Vertical Assembly Cells, Paint Booth Gantry Systems, Custom Dock Lifts, Rail Guided Carts & Scissor Lifts, Transfer Tables & Test Cells, and more all engineered for your specific application needs.

Whether building your factory floor for manufacturing operations, assembly, maintenance or repair, a company like Handling Specialty will walk you through the processes with their superior knowledge on all industry needs, and their ability to build your material handling equipment to your specific requirements.

Automation companies, system integrators and OEMs look to Handling Specialty for robust, production duty equipment employed in multiple industries.  Handling Specialty brings tremendous value to applications involving high duty cycles, large weight capacities, unique mounting configurations, tight tolerances and the stringent process, quality and safety our customer's demand.

A commitment to creativity, long-term relationships and quality are all part of the culture at Handling Specialty.  Our exceptional team of talented engineers, project managers, skilled manufacturing staff and expert turn-key installation representatives ensures that we exceed our customer’s rigorous demands for schedule, budget, reliability and overall equipment performance.

Handling Specialty has developed a global reputation as being a creative problem-solver and reliable partner; building upon our reputation by providing unique, custom engineered material handling and industrial automation

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