Material Handling Equipment for the Energy Industry

2 in 1

ABB, General Electric, Mitsubishi, Rolls Royce, Siemens, Solar Turbines; these are some of the companies who trust us to design and build their manufacturing equipment for the energy sector. Is it time you considered an experienced design and manufacturing firm who understands your custom applications?

Handling Specialty custom engineers and manufactures lift, rotate, tilt and traversing equipment to help customers assemble and manufacture their products efficiently, ergonomically and with greater confidence.

Our expertise includes the design of custom solutions used in the manufacture and repair of electrical transformers and coils, turbines, compressors and rotors. Our solutions are also employed in the refurbishment of nuclear reactors and nuclear waste storage.


Our four-post mechanical lifts are ideal for the assembly and/or repair of turbine engines, electrical transformers, transformer coils and compressors.