Material Handling Equipment for Large-scale EV Battery Cell Manufacturing

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Material Handling Equipment for Large-scale EV Battery Cell Manufacturing

With rising demand for EV battery cell plants to be manufactured all over the world, design/build firms are using their deep knowledge of carrying, lifting, and positioning equipment in assembly lines to assist in building these electric battery plants.

What Material Handling Equipment Goes into an Electric Vehicle Battery Plant?

Custom material handling solutions are being engineered to safely and efficiently build out these EV battery plants. From EV bikes to EV material handling equipment, cars, trucks, boats, airplanes, and even homes, the market for EV batteries is staggering and the world is rushing to catch up to the demand. Building your EV battery cell manufacturing plant requires a company who has imagined and built custom material handling equipment for multiple industries to support assembly line and MRO facilities all over the world.

What equipment goes into moving your EV battery plant? Not unlike most industrial plants, automated guided vehicles are an excellent addition to your EV assembly line. These AGVs offer a hands-free solution to moving and positioning your product.  Programmed to follow a set path within the plant, the AGV will carry the EV battery pack housings through the assembly process stopping at assembly cells as required. Your battery production line should run on battery-powered material handling equipment rather than diesel or other fossil fuels. An AGV offers this sustainable alternative. An AGV also allows your technicians ergonomic designs to promote safety for all by including scissor lifts, rotators and other tooling on the platform.

Employing AGVs into your EV battery assembly line

An automated guided vehicle works seamlessly with other material handling equipment throughout the process of assembling the EV battery pack housings. Employing multiple AGVs in your plant will assist in preventing downtime as they charge individually, increasing efficiency and output.

These AGVs will be designed and engineered to your operation’s specific requirements, programmed to follow your assembly line plan and include whatever custom tooling your battery pack housings demand. The AGVs will be built to run as many cycles per day as is required and can operate for as long as needed.

IIoT is built into the material handling equipment design to alert your plant manager of any issues, offering pre-emptive maintenance suggestions in real-time to keep your EV battery plant operating to its fullest potential.

Looking to include an automated guided vehicle into your EV battery plant? Talk to the experienced technical sales team at Handling Specialty today.