Material Handling and Process Industries

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From steel manufacturing to mining operations,  food production, paper mills and plastics, process manufacturing is a far-reaching industry which services an enormous range of B2B and B2C customers. Most process industries require application-specific needs when considering material handling equipment. That’s where Handling Specialty makes the difference.

If your company manufactures for the process industry then you know you need to be productive every minute of every day to succeed. Quality material handling equipment built with robust materials and designed by experienced engineers benefits a process manufacturer through decreased downtime in the factory, Handling Specialty can help you achieve that.

From Manually Guided Vehicles designed to move your product through the assembly process or assist in carting finished product ergonomically from place to place, to scissor lifts capable of lifting enormous loads, there is no company more established and competent to build your custom equipment than Handling Specialty.

If you have a need which isn’t available, Handling Specialty will work with you through our technical sales team, engineering and manufacturing departments to design a solution to your application challenge. More than that, we will continue to serve you through installation, training and service for the life of your material handling equipment.

If interested in building an efficient factory floor that works to your specifications, contact us today.