Material Handling Accounting


Meet Debbie Guild, with Handling Specialty since 1979!

On May 20, 1979, I received a phone call for an interview. I agreed to meet the gentleman who called. Then on May 25, 1979, he picked me up at the end of my street in a white Cadillac. On our drive from Grimsby to Mississauga, he asked me to tell him about myself. At 19 there wasn’t much to tell, so I told him about my interests (camping). When we arrived at the plant, he took me to the accounting desk. No one was there, and it looked as though no one had been there in at least a week. I sat at the desk all day reviewing invoices and files. At the end of the day, the same gentleman took me home and told me I had the job.

Handling Specialty had one Draftsman, one Salesman, a Purchasing Agent, Receptionist, Shop Coordinator, General Manager and 6 to 7 guys in the shop. Then there was me. There were no computers; everything was done manually in those days.

During the month of October, in 1979 we moved the business to Grimsby.

As you can see, we’ve changed a bit since.

My name is Debbie Guild and I’ve been with Handling Specialty for 40 years!