Manufacturing Through COVID-19

Plant 2 Products

From the start, Handling Specialty has been grateful for having been labeled ‘essential’ in that we support multiple industries who manufacture and assemble and maintain equipment and products deemed ‘essential’ during COVID-19. Industries such as power-gen, aerospace, rail & transportation, steel and process industries to mention a few. As a custom material handling design and manufacturing firm, Handling Specialty sells to a diverse market which has carried us through 2020, along with a backlog of projects.

Sales continues to further increase our backlog but the slow down paired with pandemic safety requirements has affected Handling Specialty as well. Still, we have operated both plants and have had staff in the offices or working from home throughout. The brand is strong and continues to create one-of-a-kind custom engineered equipment for our clients while attracting the attention of new and potential customers. With a management team dedicated to the health and welfare of our employees while keeping up communications with our clients, Handling Specialty has maintained our relationships and continues to work to drive the company and its people beyond the pandemic.

With a sales and marketing plan designed to promote a strategic, durable execution across the organization to further advance sales and continue to secure jobs, Handling Specialty is reminding you that we’re available, and as capable as ever of meeting any industry material handling project that requires a reliable, robust and safe method to position subassemblies, components or work pieces during manufacturing operations. We look forward to working with you through this pandemic and beyond.

To discuss your material handling project, contact Mike Roper directly.