Manufacturing and Supply chain industry career choice

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In an effort to support the industry organization MHI, and encourage others to join the Manufacturing and Supply chain industry as a career choice, Handling Specialty's own Sales Manager, Mike Roper, has stepped up to tell us a little something about his experiences in the Manufacturing/Supply Chain industry.

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Team Work is Important in Realizing Success

Hi, I’m Mike Roper, Sales Manager at Handling Specialty, and I work in the supply chain. I started my career at Handling Specialty as the technical sales representative 13 years ago and became the company’s sales manager one year ago.

Working in the Manufacturing and Supply Chain industry has allowed me to meet fascinating people working with some of the biggest companies in the world, all over the globe.

Through these connections, and with the help of our engineers, manufacturing and services group, we’ve successfully delivered custom engineered material handling systems to a diverse range of industries.

Something I’ve learned through my experiences with the supply chain is that team work is integral in designing, building, specifying, and selling the right equipment for the appropriate application. It’s a fantastic feeling; watching a company grow with the solution or solutions you’ve provided.

Working in the manufacturing and supply chain industry has taught me that this is a diverse industry with many contributors, and I’m proud to be one of them.

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Mike Roper

Handling Specialty Manufacturing Ltd.