Manually Guided Vehicles and Rail

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Handling Specialty’s manually guided vehicles (MGVs) are designed to raise and traverse heavy loads and are robustly engineered for service in the rail/transportation industry. These highly flexible units can also be fitted with specialized guidance sensors and advanced controls to provide automatic guidance capabilities.

Handling Specialty’s MGVs are custom engineered to handle a variety of locomotive and railcar components such as bogies/trucks, wheelsets, gen-sets, batteries, HVAC, transformers and engines. These MGVs provide a reliable method to safely move and position large, heavy loads through assembly operations, blast & paint booths, wash bays, test cells and MRO activities. They also provide a means to move bulky assemblies into areas not serviced by cranes, or by those looking for alternatives to forktrucks. MGVs are designed to suit specific application and process requirements, and can be equipped with integrated lifting systems and specialized tooling/fixtures.

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MGVs can be equipped with an integrated lifting system that allows it to pick up bogies/trucks and other large subassemblies and move them through a wide variety of repair and overhaul operations. MGVs are designed to provide traditional forward, reverse and turning capabilities as well as advanced zero-turn radius and crab positioning.

In operation since 1963, Handling Specialty provides custom engineered material handling solutions for automotive, aerospace, power-gen, transportation and advanced manufacturing sectors. Handling Specialty’s expertise is well suited to projects with unique requirements regarding high-duty cycles, large weight capacities, and stringent process, quality and safety demands.

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