Maintenance Equipment for Monorail Systems

Monorail work station in application 1

Maintenance Equipment for Monorail Systems

Maintenance equipment for Monorail systems are specialized items built specifically for Monorail MRO activities. These material handling solutions target key issues Monorail maintenance and repair facilities face day to day. In order to perform maintenance and repair operations on Monorail cars custom material handling equipment is required.

Handling Specialty has designed and built Monorail material handling solutions that cater specifically to this industry’s needs. An example of this is the Monorail bogie maintenance workstation where equipment assists technicians in removing wheelsets from the Monorail cars, replacing them with new or refurbished wheelsets.

The ability to engineer custom material handling solutions for the Monorail industry is made possible through Handling Specialty’s deep understanding of the rail and transportation industry’s needs as they have worked to provide custom equipment to rail MRO facilities all over the world.

These Monorail bogie maintenance stations allow the customer to drastically reduce the amount of time needed for bogie maintenance, allowing the monorail to return more quickly to revenue generating activities. Before this custom equipment was introduced, when the customer wanted to replace or repair the bogie, the monorail car would be taken out of service for a significant period of time, resulting in significant operational downtime and loss of revenue.

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Handling Specialty’s team of technical sales people, engineers, and designers, reviewed the requirements in great detail to offer the winning quote, handling the work over to our in-house manufacturing team. Once installed, the equipment has shown excellent returns for our customer and is now under the supervision of our parts & services department where planned maintenance and data gathering plays an important role in the material handling equipment’s longevity.

Monorail systems vary from country to country and require customization of their MRO solutions. Terms such as gyro monorail, gyroscopic monorail, gyro-stabilized monorail, or gyrocar are just a few of the styles Handling Specialty caters to. If you are looking for such a solution, please contact us today.