Maintaining Theatre Stage Lifts

Dancing waters

Is your stage equipment ready to invite your audience back?

We know you’re ready, but Handling Specialty asks the question of whether your stage lift equipment is.

Theatre maintenance and repair operations are integral in keeping any mechanical equipment in top shape to run smoothly, safely, and as intended. With the pandemic now mostly behind us and 16-18 months of stage equipment sitting idle, now is the time to have your stage lifts serviced.  Maintenance of mechanical stage equipment can make the difference between a successful reopening and a flop.

What can you do to ensure your stage lift, stage rotating, and tilting equipment is in tip top shape for your return to the stage? Contact your OEM (original equipment manufacturer). No one knows your product like the people who designed, built, and installed it. Handling Specialty will have offered a planned maintenance service plan with the delivery of the equipment, but if during this unprecedented time your stage equipment hasn’t received an inspection, consider it now.

Underwater Stage Lift Systems

Are you operating an underwater stage lift system like Cirque du Soleil’s ‘O’ show in Las Vegas, or ‘The House of Dancing Water’ in Macau, China? All the more reason to have the professionals who built it inspect and maintain it before performers are executing high-dives and swimming under, and between stage lifts. Performer safety has always been top of mind for Handling Specialty and maintenance is one way to help ensure they remain safe when working around mechanical systems.

Even if Handing Specialty didn’t design, build, or install your theatre stage equipment, we are more than competent to inspect and maintain other stage lift equipment. Therefore, if your OEM has left your area, gone out of business, or are simply unavailable, you can call on Handling Specialty to step up and work with you to certify your theatre equipment is working as intended.

Theatre Stage Equipment Parts & Services

Replacement parts are part of the service when inspecting and maintaining stage lift equipment. Handling Specialty carries, or can build and install replacement parts for any mechanical theatre stage equipment. Mechanical, hydraulic, or electro-mechanical actuation is all covered by Handling Specialty’s deep knowledge behind the engineering of your theatre equipment.

Discussing your needs with our Professional Services Group will help put your mind at ease over the processes involved in servicing your theatre stage equipment.  Make your live theatre reopening a success with no surprises from your mechanical stage equipment. Your audience awaits.