Lift Move with Rail Equipment

bin and cart cutout

Rail-guided electric cart with skid and levelling blade assembly.

Designed to solve an age-old material handling application issue for the mining industry, this system can be operated remotely with a pendant, or from the unit’s main control panel HDI screen. Three separate pieces of equipment come together in this project to make loading, levelling and weighing of raw materials a simple and efficient process.

Rail material handling equipment

  1. An empty container is loaded onto the electric cart.
  2. The empty container is moved to the loading position along rails.
  3. The cart is driven along the rails by a heavy-duty, robust chain drive.
  4. The container is positioned under the blade where the product can be loaded by an overhead chute into the container.
  5. Then, to level the loaded product within the container, the levelling blade is lowered and the cart moved forward, evenly distributing the load.
  6. Then the blade is raised and the cart can return to its loading position.
  7. The container is then lowered through load cells on the cart.
  8. To measure the weight of the loaded product, the container sits on the cart’s four corner scales where loaded material weights are indicated on the control panel display.
    Material handling scale
  9. Once weighed, the container is raised off its scales before traversing.
  10. The container is then returned to its loading area where loading and levelling procedures continue until the container is full.
  11. The filled container is automatically returned to its home position where the loaded container is then removed by an overhead crane and replaced with an empty container so the operation can be repeated.
    Chain driven handling equipment

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