Leadership in Manufacturing



The People Who Influence you are the People Who Believe in you. This quote rings true at Handling Specialty where the management believes in their employees and employees have leaders influencing them, not just managing them.

Management is a learned skill, but leadership is bred in the bone. Handling Specialty knows how to pick leaders and leaders pick the right people for the right jobs. Leaders inspire great things and great things are exactly what happens at Handling Specialty.  Through exceptional leadership, diversification into broader and niche markets has kept the company creatively working with some of the worlds largest manufacturers and entertainment agencies across multiple industries.

Leadership in every department continues to influence the company’s direction and drives employees to be their best. Employees who know their company believes in them find purpose in their day to day and with purpose comes creativity.

Creativity is an ongoing process at Handling Specialty where unique designs for specific applications from aerospace manufacturing to underwater stage lifts for the entertainment industry have become the norm.

So, to say: the people who influence you the most are those who believe in you, is a true statement where Handling Specialty is concerned. Where this very quote is embedded in the company culture, strengthening the employee-centric attitude, which is prevalent when you meet the professionals within its walls.

You'll see the difference in the work they do for you.