Innovations Create the Ultimate Precision Indexing table

Designed and manufactured since 1990, the OSA-LATOR precision indexing table has improved efficiency across multiple industries by offering precise positioning and repeat-ability through a simple, yet effective design. Some of the industry's which employ the OSA-LATOR include manufacturing, automotive, stamping plants, clean room applications, aerospace, and engineering. The OSA-LATOR features models for all applications.

The OSA-LATOR is vibration free, offers accurate positioning, fast cycle times, self-locking, central cable access, a constant speed cycle, quick tool change, is splatter resistant, compact, featuring a unique drive, long life and offering exceptional value and customer satisfaction.

Handling Specialty custom engineers and manufactures lift, rotate, tilt and traversing equipment to help customers assemble and manufacture their products efficiently, ergonomically and with greater confidence.

The below servo table also acts as a head stock/tail stock indexing table capable of holding up to 10,000 lb.

HP5000 Servo small