In-Ground Turbine Lift Assembly


In-Ground Turbine Lift Assembly

In order to build out turbines for power generation, Handling Specialty engineers custom in-ground lifts to be placed in pits fully assembled so technicians can work on the turbines at ground level.

Turbine assembly lifts are often designed to be fitted into existing pits allowing for greater safety during the assembly process, keeping all moving parts of the four-post lift below grade. This accommodates the ergonomic requirement as well allowing technicians to work at a single stage with easy access to tooling and parts while they manipulate the turbine to raise and lower at their command. The unit travels on four ball screws propelled by electromechanical actuation.

A wired, hand-held pendant is used to control the turbine assembly lift’s elevation. With unencumbered 360-degree access to the turbine, technicians quickly realize the benefits of the in-ground turbine lift assembly.

Safety standards are still incorporated into the unit including Up/Down travel switches and Up over/ Down over travel switches. Lockable disconnect switch, motor overload relays, DC power supply, and over-current protection.