Heavy Duty 4 Post Lift

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Heavy Duty 4 Post Lift: To lift a vehicle or machinery that weighs in excess of 12,000 lbs. requires specialized lifting equipment like a heavy duty four post lift. A 4 post heavy duty truck lift is designed to raise commercial type vehicles, like large trucks or railcars. Smaller, lower capacity four post lifts are not able to handle the length and weight of larger vehicles. Heavy duty lifts are also adapted for use in other industries such as aerospace, transportation and power generation plants.

A heavy duty truck four post lift enables a vehicle to be lifted to a height that enables mechanics or technicians easy access to the underside. The design of the 4 post truck lift offers an unobstructed and clear view of the undercarriage making it easy to carry out inspections or carry out repairs. A heavy duty four post lift also increases the safety of the technicians working around the raised vehicle or machinery as the elevated load is stable.

Heavy Duty four post lift - Product Overview

The heavy-duty 4 post truck lift is designed with extra-long and extra-wide runways to accommodate larger vehicles. The lift table bases are wide to provide improved stability while the heavy duty truck four post lift is in use and at maximum elevation. All of our heavy duty four post lifts are designed to be fixed to a concrete floor slab. The concrete on which you mount this four-post lift is up to the required standards and doesn't exhibit any cracks. The accompanying anchor bolts are amongst the best in the market, made for durability. 

The wheelbase capabilities of this heavy duty lift allow greater flexibility to work on a wide variety of vehicles. It has a maximum capacity of 300 inches for a two-wheel alignment and 150 inches for a four-wheel alignment and a lifting capacity of over 30,000 pounds. Despite its size, it can be used to work on smaller vehicles.

Heavy Duty 4 post lift Features

Race Ramps

Ramps enable both small and large vehicles to drive onto the 4 post heavy duty truck lift. They are textured, for improved traction over a smooth surface that can become slippery if wet. The shallow 10 degree angle of the ramps makes it easy for vehicles with lower ground clearance to drive on and off the 4 post heavy duty lift.

Wide Runways

The runways on the 4 post heavy duty truck lift are 30 inches in width to accommodate any vehicle with double wheels. The heavy duty truck four post lift can be specified up to 300 inches long (25ft) making them suitable to handle vehicles with a longer wheelbase, such as a bus or limousine.

Turn Plates and Slip Locks

Performing wheel alignment was a laborious process before the invention of turn plates, you had to place turning pins manually when using a 4 post truck lift. Using turn plates automates the process reducing the time to carry out alignment jobs. Once the vehicle is in position, the slip lock mechanism is remotely activated, removing the need for the operator having to manually adjust the equipment.

Quality Lifting Cables

The cables used on all our heavy duty four post lifts are the same that are used for rail and aviation lifts, making our 4 post heavy duty truck lifts safe, reliable and low maintenance. Consistently under tension, the cables used in the design of the four post truck lift are key for the smooth operation of raising and lowering the lifting platform with or without a vehicle load.  They are designed to withstand continuous use for many years with regular maintenance.

With regular inspection and lubrication, the heavy-duty four-post truck lift cables will be operational for many years.

Safety Mechanism

All of our 4 post truck lifts are designed with built-in safety mechanisms to ensure the safety of those working around or underneath the raised platform. In the unlikely event of a mechanical failure of the lifting components the heavy duty truck four post lift platform will remain in place, preventing a sudden free fall. The lift also has an emergency lock release feature to lower the platform lift fail. This ensures that no matter what happens, operators and the vehicle on the lift are safe.

Additional Features

Additional Jacks

For other general service requirements, there may be need to raise the vehicle off the runways of the 4 post heavy duty truck lift. We provide additional jacks to raise vehicle wheels off the platform to simplify the process of brake replacement and wheel maintenance. These jacks have a lifting capacity of up to 20,000 lbs, more than enough to handle large vehicle applications.

Cross Beam Adapter

A high-grade steel bar adapter used with the jacks to provide extra stability for extra-wide trucks.

Heavy Duty Four Post Lift Models

12,000 lbs. - 18000 Series

This range of 4 post truck lifts are suitable for small and medium-sized handling applications. They have an elevation height of between 65 and 75 inches. This range of heavy duty 4 post lift provides plenty of room for technicians to work and move unobstructed under the elevated vehicle. The overall length of the runways ranges between 200 and 300 inches. Power requirements will vary with motor size. We also customize 4 post boat lifts for private and commercial use.

18,000 - 30,000 Series

This range of four post truck lifts are mid-capacity lifts that can handle larger trucks and trailer heads. They have a lift height of over 70 inches with runways of over 300 inches.

Above 30,000 lbs Series

These heavy-duty lifts are available with and without runways depending on the application. They have a lift height of over 65 inches and can also be fitted with a battery pack so they are not dependent on a wall socket for power.

Leaders in our Field

Handling Specialty is an established leader in the industry designing and manufacturing high-quality lifting equipment and material handling solutions. For over fifty-five years, we have employed technology to design and build bigger and better heavy duty four post lifts to meet the requirements of our clients across many sectors, including aerospace and defence, automotive, entertainment, rail/transportation, power generation, steel industries and advanced manufacturing industries.  

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