Head Stock / Tail Stock Positioners Added to the Handling Specialty Line-up

Head Stock / Tail Stock Positioners Added to the Handling Specialty Line-up

With the recent addition of the OSA-LATOR Indexing table to the Handling Specialty product line; including custom Head stock/Tail stock Positioners was an easy choice.

“Handling Specialty had built these products in the past - on special request for customized applications - and so we’re already skilled in the design, engineering and manufacturing of Head/Tail Stock equipment,” explains Tom Beach, President of Handling Specialty.


These unique units are used in positioning product for easy welding, repair and manufacturing applications from 1000 up to 200,000 lbs.

Shannon Clinton, Handling Specialty’s Engineering Manager, adds, “Head stock/Tail stock Positioners can be designed to hold, rotate and lift a wide variety of product for multiple industries such as automotive, rail and transportation.”

Some of the major benefits to employing a Head stock/Tail stock Positioner is that it offers a properly positioned weldment, regardless of the size, which reduces welder fatigue, increases safety, improves weld quality, and saves on production floor space. By relocating the weldment or assembly component, workers are not forced into unsafe or ergonomically uncomfortable positions.

To learn more about this new product addition, a webpage dedicated to the Head stock/Tail stock Positioners can now be found on the Handling Specialty site along with a downloadable version of the brochure.