Handling Equipment for Rail-Transportation Industry

KMTT SPET A1 Car December 19th 2012 pic 3

Known for our custom material handling equipment, Handling Specialty has built for multiple industries requiring robust, custom equipment to solve specific applications. In July 2011, Handling Specialty became part of Whiting Equipment, within the Whiting Corporation's family of companies. Whiting Corp. is a well-known provider of Rail and Transportation equipment who have provided Drop-Tables, Portable electric jacks and other standard handling equipment to this industry for decades. With their purchase of Handling Specialty, the corporation gained experienced engineering and operations departments capable of customizing equipment for their Rail customers.

From Split Rail Systems to Manually Guided Vehicles, Handling Specialty has added another dimension to Whiting’s ability to service the Rail and Transportation industry. Whether the application is for rail car maintenance or to move locomotive engines through an assembly line, the Handling Specialty team can take you from technical sales through to design, manufacturing and service. Installation and training are also available from the talented team at Handling Specialty.

Examples of Rail/Transportation projects are available on the website. Many include turn-key projects which included multiple equipment orders of varying applications to complete a service centre. Rail gantries, turntables, drop tables, MGVs, split rails, truck hoists, lifts, portable electric jacks, and purely custom equipment like the cable fixture rotator and lifting frames are all part of the Handling Specialty Rail and Transportation portfolio.

Monorail cars, electric/gas buses, locomotives, they all require maintenance and manufacturing expertise to run an efficient operation. When you consider material handling equipment for your rail manufacturing or servicing facilities, Handling Specialty should be your first call. Let the professionals help plan your operation utilizing the many years of experience and successful builds you can draw from.