Full Rise Scissor Lift

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The full rise scissor lift has become a popular and versatile asset for automotive repair shops, well-known chains of muffler, brake and tire replacement, and 5-minute oil change outlets. The full rise scissor lift offers the flexibility of vehicle lift options for both drive-on or frame lift applications. At full extension, it allows for work to be easily carried out underneath that would not be possible with a low rise lift or a mid rise lift.

The portable full rise scissor lift has the additional benefit of having a small footprint making it easy to store and move within the shop if space is limited but still have the lifting capacity to lift most cars and small trucks. When elevated, the open area between runways makes it easy for more than one mechanic to work on the car at a time that reduces the time required to complete the task being performed. Nothing makes a better impression than speedy quality service.

Full Rise Scissor Lift - Features and Benefits

Personnel Lift for Nuclear Facility MaintenanceBefore choosing a full rise vehicle scissor lift, you need to ensure that its lift height and load handling specifications are adequate for all your anticipated lifting needs. For example, some lifts in the market may offer a greater load capacity but reduced undercarriage access. We offer the best of both worlds. When you buy one of our full-rise scissor lifts, here are the benefits you will enjoy:

Easy Maintenance and Minimum Downtime

One key selling point of our portable full rise scissor lift range is their efficiency and value for money. This scissor lift has been designed for ease of maintenance throughout its operational life. Fittings can be easily added and replaced without worrying about multiple sensors. The mechanical components of the scissor lift make it easy to service or replace parts to maximize your investment and the life of the portable full rise scissor lift.

Maximum 80 Inches Lift Height

Our range of full height scissor lifts have a maximum lifting capacity of 9000 pounds, a full lift height of 80 inches makes it easy to access and work on the underside or cars or light trucks, mechanics have a clear, unobstructed view of the repair site and have enough clearance for all the tools they need. It has been proven that working on your back in a cramped space also carries an increased risk of injury. This full-rise scissor lift provides room for a wide range of motion which is safer and more comfortable for the mechanic.

Open Access

The portable full rise scissor lift offers full access to the underside of any vehicle. There are no rods or platforms between the lift and the vehicle. It has the versatility to be used at a lower height and then extends for more repairs. Without posts or frames like a 2 post or 4 post lift, the front and back of the vehicles are more easily accessible.

Lifts up to 9000 lbs

With the 9000-pound maximum load capability of the full rise scissor lift, means you can lift almost any vehicle from a Prius to a Ford F450. This offers you the maximum flexibility for your business to handle work on most vehicles.

Secure Lock Mechanism

Safety is our highest priority. All of our scissor lifts have built-in safety interlock mechanisms to ensure they cannot be lowered or raised without overriding the safety mechanisms. All of our full-rise scissor lifts are fitted with over 20 lock positions that secure the full rise vehicle scissor lift in place and prevent it from being lowered unintentionally.  

Rise to Full Height in Less Than a Minute

If you have a busy shop, every second saved matters. Having a full rise scissor lift that can be raised to the operating height or between heights and then be lowered quickly saves time. With a portable full height scissor lift, once the vehicle is in place, the operator aligns the rubber blocks on the vehicle's frame and is ready to lift.

Low Profile with a Minimum Lift of 8 Inches

The low profile makes it ideal for use on smaller vehicles or vehicles with low ground clearance. The lift is equipped with ramps, allowing you to drive vehicles into position ready for lifting. For frame lifting applications, rubber blocks protect the vehicle and offer additional stability during the lift.  The portable full rise scissor lift is easy to store and can be moved around a busy shop floor.

Hydraulic Lift with Volumetric Control

Hydraulic lifts are some of the most robust and most stable scissor lifts in the market. Our range of full rise scissor lifts come with volumetric control, ensuring the lift's stability when lifting a load, even when a vehicle's weight is uneven. In addition to the safety interlock mechanism of the lift, this ensures the safety of anyone working near to or under the lift.

Truck Adapters Available on Request.

We can supply adjustable truck adapters suited for a wide variety of vehicles. They are easy to fit and lock in place and provide additional flexibility for accommodating both wide and narrow vehicles.

Full-Rise Scissor Lift Models

9000 lb Portable Full Rise Scissor Lift

Our portable full rise scissor lifts are designed to meet the day-to-day rigors of a busy automotive workshop environment. With a width of 82 inches and a length of 160 inches, they can handle a wide variety of vehicles. In addition to all the features listed above, this full rise scissor lift is powered by a 230v battery giving it maximum portability.

At Handling Specialty, we make it our business to provide full rise scissor lifts that are right for your business. With over 55 years of experience, we have the knowledge and capability to turn your vision into reality. Our scissor lifts are built with the highest quality components guaranteeing a safe, productive experience. If you'd like to know more about our products, please contact us.