Four-Post Rotators

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Four-Post Rotators will Excite your Material Handling Needs

Whichever industry you’re in; if your application requires assembly of large, heavy-capacity engines or other large-scale equipment, a rotating lift is your best choice to accomplish the work efficiently, safely and ergonomically.

Handling Specialty has designed and built custom rotators for multiple industries and has received several repeat orders because of the engineered features available to our customers. Based on a four-post design, each massive rotator is manufactured to the customer’s stringent demands for quality, robustness and safety.

Rotating Lift

Once the product is properly positioned inside the lift/rotator station, production technicians secure the product at both ends to specialized tooling adapters that provide the mounting interface to the rollover station.  These adapters are each custom-designed to work with a client’s product.  The lift/rotator stations are electro-mechanically actuated and allow for the engine to be positioned at the correct orientation and elevation for assembly operations.  The assembly technician can raise and lower the engine as well as rotate it 360 degrees ensuring a safe and ergonomic working interface, all without the use of overhead cranes.  Additionally, this equipment can perform tilt operations for further accessibility.

Size and weight capacities are always a consideration and to date, Handling Specialty has engineered and built a rotator that can handle up to 200 tons.

When looking for a four-post rotator, look no further than Handling Specialty. Our technical sales and engineering departments will work with you to realize your facility’s optimal application solution.