Forklift Service Lift

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The Excalibur

In 1993 Handling Specialty acquired the manufacturing rights to the Forklift Service platform called Excalibur. This unit has been a very popular option for warehouses and factories who employ a number of forklifts.

The ability to service and maintain your fleet of fork trucks is an invaluable resource when running an efficient operation. The Excalibur reduces downtime by creating a space dedicated to maintaining and repairing your forklifts. Any business running a single or substantial number of forklifts knows that each one is a valuable asset to their day to day operations and when one fails the results can be catastrophic.

From manufacturing facilities to assembly plants and warehouses, a forklift is a constant companion in moving product.  This is especially true for industries who see the continued benefits of a forklift over manually or automatically guided vehicles. Where these AGVs and MGVs cannot be built for a specific function a fork truck still commands respect. That respect must be returned through planned maintenance. Where many will send their forklifts out to a third-party mechanic for services, the Excalibur ensures on-site repairs in a fraction of the time.

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If your facility wants to avoid downtime and increase efficiency around Forklift maintenance, then the Excalibur is the perfect solution.  Built with robust materials and decades of experience, the Excalibur is an exceptional piece of handling equipment built with your industry’s needs in mind.

Shipped to your facility fully assembled and ready to be put to work, Handling Specialty’s manual explains in simple, easy-to-understand terms how to operate the unit and will set up a service plan to support your new Forklift maintenance lift(s). With tier one company’s franchises coming back time and again for our Excalibur service equipment, Handling Specialty has a vast collection of case studies to support the argument of including one or several of these units into your operation.

With a storied history of creating impressive material handling equipment for leading assembly, manufacturing and warehousing businesses across multiple industries, Handling Specialty should be your first choice in outfitting your internal Fork truck maintenance operations. Handling Specialty has been designing, building, installing and servicing their custom material handling equipment since 1963.

For more information and a video tutorial on the Excalibur Service Lift please visit our webpage. OR contact one of our Technical Sales People.