Explosion Proof Material Handling Systems

Jet Engine Test Cell Lift 1

As a leader in the development of explosion-proof custom-engineered material handling equipment, our technical sales and design professionals have seen it all. From industrial spray booths for automotive, transportation and aerospace industries to mining handling equipment, nuclear MRO facilities and military applications, explosion-proof equipment plays an important part in the material handling industry.

Examples of explosion proof handling equipment for industry-specific operations include heavy-duty explosion-proof, pit-mounted scissor lifts for Aerospace jet engine test cells, paint booth gantries designed to move personnel up, down, side-to-side while spraying the fuselage, as well as  transportation paint gantries to assist in locomotive or bus body painting.

 explosion proof material handling equipment      explosion proof paint cell

Paint as a mist or spray is highly flammable, and so material handling equipment used in this capacity requires explosion proof technology to protect people and product against potential explosions.

Explosion proofing equipment is a must in jet engine testing as well for obvious reason. Temperatures can become intolerant to material handling equipment not built with the foresight to withstand exposure and the real potential for unforeseen upsurges or detonations.

Distilleries and wine fermentation plants both handle large quantities of flammable liquids which need to be moved within the facilities by fork trucks or MGVs when transporting Vats or Drums. Our Manually Guided Vehicles can be fitted with explosion proof components to better serve distilleries through safety and efficiency.

Nuclear plants have large waste water treatment facilities on-site and any material handling equipment designed to maintain these facilities requires EX or DX ratings, which mean non sparking surfaces, including MGVs and MRO equipment to help ensure against explosions caused by sparking or arcing.

EX areas in the workplace are locations where there is a risk of fire or explosion due to the presence of ignitable substances in the air. Chemical and plastics plants also employ explosion proof material handling equipment for these reasons.

Handling Specialty is capable of engineering custom explosion proof material handling equipment for every industry and has an impressive collection of case studies to offer industries looking to improve safety and efficiency in their high-risk testing, painting and assembly operations.


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