Employing a Fork Truck Service Lift

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Employing a Fork Truck Service Lift

Employing a fork truck service lift within your own facility improves efficiencies in your overall operations. Including one of Handling Specialty’s Forklevators reported time savings of up to 40% per fork truck when using the Forklevator lift instead of manual jacking or utilizing overhead cranes for underside servicing.

Simple maintenance is a breeze with a fork truck service lift. The Forklevator comes complete with a ramp that is bolted into the shop floor. This allows the forklift easy access onto the two adjustable, rugged, steel welded runways on the lift platform. The four-post, electrically actuated, zero creep, ACME screws are also lagged to the shop floor promoting a level rise and lowering of the fork truck.

Fork truck service lift forklift service lift

Features such as automatically self-locking screws, an electrically-monitored backup safety nut system, maximum travel limit switches, and safety touch bars around the perimeter help to provide a safe working environment for your maintenance personnel. Additionally, you can include a bellows boot kit to reduce large-grain contamination and lessen the need for screw lubrication.

Available in capacities ranging from 20,000 lbs to 50,000 lbs, the Forklevator four post mechanical service lift allows preventive maintenance programs and service work to be completed onsite more quickly, easily, and safely.

The Forklevator is easy to install and can be repositioned should your facility’s floorplans change to meet your requirements. The fork truck service lift is designed to reduce downtime and improve efficiencies in your operations. The more forklifts you operate day to day, the more important it is for you to consider a service lift for your fork trucks.

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