Drop Tables in Rail and Transportation Applications

Drop Tables 5 80 100 125 ton

Drop tables for the transit industry refer to equipment designed and built for maintenance operations to assist the technicians with easy removal of wheel sets, traction motors/combos, and full trucks/bogies of freight cars, transit vehicles and locomotives.

Locomotive drop tables can range from lifting capacities between 5 and 125 tons, incorporating virtually every weight of truck/bogie which requires maintenance.

Handling Specialty Drop tables come in a screw type design for the 20 ton and up capacities, while employing hydraulic actuation for their 5 ton. Through their technical sales professionals and extensive engineering department, Handling can build drop tables to custom specifications where required, and been actively building for the rail and transportation industry for many years.

To learn more, view photos and video, or to contact a Handling Specialty professional please visit: http://www.handling.com/product-categories/rail-maintenance-equipment/drop-tables-2/