Designing Assembly Plants for the Energy Industry

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The Power-Gen industry is an essential service from production to delivery. Designing the material handling equipment to support the manufacture of these behemoths is vital in keeping society functioning at today’s standards. In fact, as more and more energy is required to keep our lights on and industries progressing efficiently, there are multiple businesses deemed essential.

To build and maintain the nuclear, solar, wind, oil & gas energy production infrastructure, material handling is at its core. From designing custom turbine assembly platforms, maintenance platforms, personnel lifts, automated guided vehicles, engine rollover stations, boom systems, scissor lifts, rotating mast lifts, and other essential, robust and heavy-duty material handling equipment, the Power-Gen industry relies on the experience of manufacturers.

Nuclear Maintenance Lift

When discussing refurbishing an energy industry assembly plant or designing a new facility’s production floor, companies must depend on the expertise of design/build firms to work with their general contractor to realize the ultimate benefits. Few firms can offer the full spectrum of design, engineering, manufacturing, training, and after-market support. So, when you come across such a company, it’s in everyone’s best interests to explore their potential further.

Designing and building a turnkey operation through one company is the most efficient practice when imagining an assembly facility. Where Power-Gen is concerned, with massive engines and hundreds of parts to assemble, considerations on how those engines will move through the work cells and what material handling equipment will service each step of the process can be a daunting one. How do you position your technicians ergonomically to do the work most efficiently? Who can build intricate, intelligent systems that can lift 200,000 lbs and move it along the assembly process? How can you automate some of the systems to increase performance while keeping employees safe?

Heavy-duty automated guided vehicle

All of these questions and more will have been answered by a design/build firm who has conquered these same problems and has case studies to support their successes. The Power-Gen industry has always relied upon robust material handling equipment engineered for structural integrity and long life, serving multiple shifts while running numerous cycles per shift. That isn’t going to change, and with new technologies creating the need for more custom-designed material handling equipment to assemble it, the demand for the very best design/build manufacturers will continue to grow.

Research your application requirements and employ online resources to discover who will best serve your Power-Gen assembly operation. Look for a company that can offer the full package from technical sales to engineering, manufacturing, installation, training and support. Why sub out all of these essential services to multiple companies when a single entity can satisfy all of your project’s specific needs? Turnkey design/build material handling firms are out there with the case studies to prove their dedication, and the people who will see your project through to its successful conclusion.