Dealer Outreach Custom Material Handling

Vertical Paint booth gantry going up

Do you know how Handling Specialty can help grow your business? Custom material handling equipment is what we do, from technical sales to engineering, manufacturing, installation, training, service and parts. Handling Specialty is your one-stop-shop for Custom material handling equipment for multiple industries.

Being involved in the material handling industry, you have likely come across some very specialized opportunities that were not in line with your standard product offering.  You suggest someone else or decline the opportunity and lose the commission. Consider another option that your company will profit from by working with us directly or referring us to your prospect. 

Our motto, “We Build Big Things to Help our Customers Build Big Things”, has positioned Handling Specialty as a leader in custom material handling solutions for assembly and manufacturing facilities around the world.   Automating those facilities with automatic guided vehicles is another way you can satisfy your customer through a relationship with Handling Specialty. Custom personnel lifts, work positioners, scissor lifts, vertical assembly work cells, manually guided transporters and much more can be found on the Handling Specialty website and referred to when discussing a project outside your company’s core focus.

Yes, we have designed custom material handling equipment for major companies across multiple industries such as aerospace, automotive, energy, rail and transportation, entertainment, process and steel, advanced manufacturing and more. If you come across a heavy-duty, custom requirement that does not suit your standard product, your next call should be to Mike Roper, Sales manager at Handling Specialty to discuss your options.