Custom Work Cells for Engines and Gensets

Personnel Lifts

Designing flexible, robust, reliable and safe production assembly systems is what Handling Specialty does. Building big things so our customers can build big things isn’t just their motto, it’s a promise which multiple industries have taken them up on.  The energy industry is among those who rely on Handling Specialty’s superior knowledge and experience when designing assembly work cells for their engines and Gensets. These massive undertakings require a company built on a foundation forged through the trials of building for the manufacturing industry. Handling Specialty is that company. The people, the knowledge, the drive and the successes over the last 56 years have given them the confidence and case-studies to make your assembly cells function efficiently and safely.

Recent projects offer extraordinary examples of the importance of working with a company to realize their stringent production requirements for custom work cells. Welland, Ontario houses the GE/INNIO brilliant factory which assembles a wide range of engine models which requires highly flexible equipment built to accommodate varying dimensions and weight capacities. Handling Specialty was not only responsible for the design/build of these custom systems but also took on the full installation, commissioning and functional site testing.

The material handling equipment was designed around the square footage of the new build and specifications of each engine. This included two (2) lift/rollover stations, thirteen (13) custom personnel lifts, two (2) engine lift systems, eight (8) large capacity engine transporters, four (4) fixed position work platforms and a variety of specialized fixtures and tooling to allow for the varying dimensions of engines to be processed.   

Another example in the energy industry is the repeat business Handling receives year after year once they’ve designed, built and installed a custom solution for their client’s application. Personnel lifts are an integral piece of the assembly process, but not all personnel lifts are created equal.  Engine and Genset dimensions and automation options must be considered. Safety considerations, manoeuvrability, ergonomics and usability are all built in at the design level once our professional technical sales group have completed their discovery and brought the client together with Handling’s expansive engineering department.

These multiple orders over time give proof that handling’s Custom material handling equipment works for the energy industry’s assembly and manufacturing applications. These specific personnel lifts were designed in pairs to straddle the engine so technicians can work from both sides of the product at varying heights - and through sliding bridges, at varying distances. With a large footprint and outfitted with powerful lighting, electrical outlets and onboard control panels, technicians are given plenty of room to move the length of the engine, operate the lift and house their tools.  The success of these man lifts has brought new opportunities to the company and a reputation for delivering quality equipment.

If you are considering custom equipment to assemble your large-scale engines for the energy industry, remember, Handling Specialty builds big things so our customers can build big things.