Custom Whiting Electric Jacks


Found in Locomotive maintenance shops and rail yards the world over, the Whiting Portable Electric Jack is the industry standard that continues to outlast the competition. 

Our capacity sizes range from 25, 35, 50 and even 60 tons to handle the heaviest locomotives on the market.

With minimal required maintenance, this rugged design handles the toughest conditions found in railcar and locomotive shops.

Whiting portable electric jacks can be used in sets of four and even connected to operate as a set of eight jacks controlled through one portable master control.

Whiting Jacks are built with reliability in mind to withstand the rigors of a rail vehicle maintenance facility’s 24 hours a day operation. whiting jacks maintain superior stability due to their low centre of gravity as the heavy-duty motor and drive are located at the base of the unit. Every Whiting portable electric jack includes a precision machined buttress thread, operating in compression when under load which offers greater safety in jacking operation. In the event of a power failure, Whiting portable jacks are self-locking.


Available options include:

- An automatic shut down system in the event one jack’s screw stops turning, all connected jacks will stop, preventing an uneven load and additional stresses to the jacks.

- Upper overtravel limit switch, which prevents the over travel of the lifting bracket in the event of a failure of the operating upper limit switch. (Lower overtravel limit switches are standard.)

- Manually adjusted lifting arm extension. This extension will extend the center lifting position of the lifting pad an additional 7.5” from its standard position. This feature provides a larger clearance between the rail vehicle being lifted and the jack screws which are responsible for raising and lowering the vehicle.

Whiting also carries a range of lighter capacity Jacks from 5 to 20 ton for transit and rail vehicle maintenance. These jacks are custom designed for your specific rail vehicle’s lifting points and can operate in synchronized mode controlling up to 128 jacks at one time.

Each Jack can be operated individually or in sets of four or more and offer dependable service with minimum maintenance. To learn more about your electric Jacks options please contact Rick Breznik