Custom Automotive Manufacturing Equipment

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Handling Specialty has automotive manufacturing to thank for their exceptional start in the Custom material handling industry. This partnership gave way to Handling Specialty gaining unprecedented experience in engineering equipment to assist in the assembly of automotive products since 1963.

Handling Specialty became heavily embedded in automotive manufacturing as the years went on, building material handling equipment for automobile manufacturers, Truck outfitters, and Tier 1 suppliers. Handling Specialty has the proven expertise to design and manufacture automotive lift and positioning equipment to suit specific requirements.

The list of equipment in Handing’s portfolio engineered for the automotive industry include marriage systems, custom scissor lifts, automated guided vehicles, manually guided carts, skillet lifts for car assembly, blank feed tables for a stamping facility, rotating die carts, mast-style belt lifts, conveyor transfer lifts,  four-post lifts, paint booths, and personnel platforms. The Handling Specialty team of professionals work with you every step of the way to deliver the right equipment for your application. From conceptual engineering to installation and service, Handling Specialty is your one-stop-shop for custom designed products for your automotive manufacturing facility.

Additionally, retrofitting an assembly facility with automated guided vehicles where once a conveyor line moved product through the assembly process has been a major project for the company. When a manufacturer is looking to upgrade its facility or alter the assembly line, AGV’s offer a much less invasive process than tow lines. Retrofitting an assembly floor will help automate the manufacturer’s systems, offering less downtime should equipment fail.

Automation is an increasingly important factor to automotive manufacturing and paired with IIoT smart monitoring, an assembly line need never go into downtime.

Whether building traditional combustion vehicles or electric vehicles, Handling Specialty’s wealth of experience in moving your product through the assembly process is an invaluable asset to any company looking to build new or retrofit an ageing manufacturing facility.

For more on how Handling Specialty can assist you in reaching your company’s efficiency goals, please contact us.