Cirque du Soleil Talks up Handling Specialty

ClubWest Mag july aug 1

“I cannot think of when we had a relationship that was so supportive and attentive.” Tony Ricotta, Cirque du Soleil Company Manager - Ka show, says of his time with Cirque’s “O” show and Handling Specialty’s involvement in designing, building, installing and supporting the underwater stage system.

“We sell smart motion.” Tom Beach, President of Handling Specialty pronounced in a recent article written by Mike WIlliscraft for the July/August edition of Club West magazine. This simple yet profound quote is many layered. Handling Specialty sells motion, whatever the need: lift, lower, tilt, vertical travel, horizontal traversing. Handling also offers their custom engineered products to multiple industries, drawing on over 50 years of design and manufacturing experience.

What is special about Handling Specialty? That the term ‘motion’ not only applies to standard and custom uses, but niche opportunities such as underwater stage lifts. This is what the article in Club West focuses on, and is well worth the read