Circular Stages for Theaters

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Described as a unique theatre-in-the-round, the Circle Theatre at the Pacific Repertory Theater in Carmel, CA makes an ideal setting for experimental plays, original material, and other works enhanced by an intimate setting. In order to bring this space to life, the theatre asked Handling Specialty to build a custom circular stage which could rotate both clockwise and counter-clockwise. To add more dimensions to the stage, they requested the stage be double-revolving, in that it included both an inner and outer ring, which could run independently of one another.

Because this project rests beneath actors running their lines, the rotation functions had to be silent and smooth. To accomplish this feat the circular platforms had to be friction driven by gear brake motors and polyurethane wheels. The system works from a stationary control panel with an HMI screen and is fully programmable, or with a manual, handheld pendant.

With all requests met, the stage delivered and installed, years have passed, performers have welcomed applause, and many plays have been completed successfully and safely on another impressive project by Handling Specialty for the entertainment industry.

If your theatre company is looking to increase its visual interest through animated stage design, contact Mike Roper for a technical analysis of your custom needs.