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How Architecture & Engineering Firms Benefit from Handling Specialty

Architecture & Engineering (A&E) firms provide professional services to support large industrial and infrastructure projects across a wide range of market segments.  As large projects begin to take form, owners or government agencies often reach out to A&E firms to provide expertise in project management, engineering services, specification development, procurement and construction management.  Specifying the correct equipment, working with suppliers and the overall system integration (i.e. making sure all of the elements work together) is a major responsibility of the firm.

There are typically two broad categories for implementing large projects such as at a transportation maintenance facility: design-bid-build & design-build. Both require a high degree of sophistication in managing the physical and operational features of an evolving, immensely complex project with multiple procurement contracts, users and stakeholders.

Identifying and defining the equipment required to effectively put these projects into operation lands on the A&E firm.  With more than 60 years of experience in providing solutions to complex material handling challenges, Handling Specialty is often called upon by owners and A&E firms early in the development phase of the equipment specifications.  A&E firms find considerable value in drawing from Handling Specialty’s experience with the design/build of custom-engineered maintenance & production equipment early in the process.  Handling Specialty’s team works with A&E firms to understand operational challenges, propose effective solutions and develop comprehensive technical specifications.  In particular, A&E firms and owners rely on Handling Specialty for turnkey solutions for challenging applications that have high duty cycles, large weight capacities, unique mounting configurations, robust environments and stringent process, quality and safety demands.

In addition to the technical or performance aspects of a project, A&E firms reach out to Handling Specialty to assist with establishing equipment budgets and schedules.  With a dedicated applications engineering team, Handling Specialty undertakes a thorough review of the costs and timelines associated with successful completion of a project.  This information is provided to the firm to assist with the overall project budget and schedule planning.  

Given that each project has different technical and scope requirements, Handling Specialty’s creative engineering team collaborates with A&E firms from conceptual engineering through detailed design.  In addition to a comprehensive inspection and validation process, all equipment undergoes thorough performance testing and each stakeholder is invited to participate in a full factory acceptance test prior to shipment.  Turnkey installations, onsite training, maintenance, spare parts and technical support are routine activities provided by Handling Specialty’s Professional Services Group.  A highly skilled and dedicated workforce delivers innovative solutions, exceptional professional support, world-class credentials and an unmatched experience.

If you are looking to incorporate robust, reliable, turn-key material handling equipment into your assembly, manufacturing or maintenance project, look no further than Handling Specialty.  From concept development, engineering, manufacturing, installation and support services, Handling Specialty is a solid partner to both A&E firms and owners.  For more information about Handling Specialty’s expertise with custom-engineered material handling solutions, please contact Mike Roper at 906-945-9661 ext. 234 or via email at