Autonomous vehicles material handling


The autonomous guided vehicle is feature rich and designed for those focused on continuous improvement. Material handling industries find countless uses for automated guided vehicles.

Handling Specialty has the capabilities to design a custom engineered automatic guided vehicle for virtually any application. Custom tooling is also considered in the design process along with weight capacity, safety requirements and the AGV’s application whether it be for assembly or another function. The custom tooling can range from support struts to roller-ball platforms, conveyors, and even scissor lifts perfectly tailored for your application, and programmed to your specific requirements.

Flexibility to alter the assembly floor is another benefit in employing Handling Specialty’s AGV’s. Now, with smart tape, the AGV uses laser guidance; moving along a pre-determined path set by the tape. This tape can be pulled up with little cost and re-positioned should the needs of the facility’s assembly line change. Compared to the costs associated with installing a track into a concrete floor and then pulling it up in order to alter the unit’s course, Handling Specialty’s technologically superior design is the clear choice.

Handling Specialty has made a name for itself as the premiere source of custom engineered material handling solutions since 1963. Contact for further information on how our AGV systems can add flexibility, economy and efficiency to your operations.