Automotive Turntables

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Automotive Turntables

From entertainment to the automotive industry, manual and automated turntables play a role in multiple industries. Building from the perspective of our client’s needs is where Handling Specialty’s technical sales expertise and engineering department shine.

Automotive requirements for turntables have varied over the years, a recent custom piece of material handling equipment to leave our facility was a turntable for wind tunnel testing. The turntable was designed in two pieces in order to facilitate the facility’s layout, included a programmable operator console and had to meet the strict requirements and robust design an automotive manufacturer expects.

Additionally, the turntable needed to lock in place while the vehicle underwent its testing inside the wind tunnel. Turning the vehicle to face every possible angle within 360 degrees, the turntable was engineered to stop and lock at minuscule deviations. This evolution of the turntable was driven by a servo motor and interfaced with the facility’s main systems and built-in X-ray machine controls. A lifting capacity of up to 20,000 lbs gave this turntable the ability to hold and rotate multiple classes of vehicle.

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