Automotive Blank Feed Carts

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Why does my facility need blank feed carts?

If you have an automotive manufacturing facility, you’ve likely heard of blank feed carts. For example, if your operation transfers heavy, eccentric loads of steel blanks into a precise position in front of the press line, you require the most efficient tools in order to properly accomplish this task with zero down-time.

Handling Specialty’s feed carts can intelligently tie into a facility’s robotic controls so the pick and place interface is working transparently to ensure the stamping press never runs out of blanks. The system allows one cart to work at indexing the blanks precisely, while the other is reloading more blanks. When the last blank is removed form the indexing cart, the system shuttles over and feeding operations continue uninterrupted. A network of dowel pins - to retain the steel blanks in position - keep the consistent and precise operation running smoothly throughout the process.

Handling Specialty’s custom engineering and manufacturing processes can offer multiple options to a client’s application specifics like a smooth, level, lifting surface at any height and with any weight, safety beacons, lights and forward/back impact bumpers. Robust, safe and efficient are cornerstone descriptors for any Handling Specialty blank feed cart, and the company has created multiple versions for a variety of automotive manufacturing customers.

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