Automated Guided Vehicles Aid Assembly


Handling Specialty has developed a solid reputation for delivering safe, intelligent and robust material handling equipment utilized in the assembly, testing, inspection and maintenance of power generation products for multiple customers.

One of Handling’s most effective products in the energy industry are our Automated Guided Vehicles, and Manually Guided Vehicles. These intelligent vehicles are designed to move your products through the assembly line, offering an ergonomic advantage for operators and assembly personnel.

One example of these units are our engine transporters; which included custom engineered assembly and paint stands of varying dimensions. The AGV’s position themselves under the custom tooling and then raise on hydraulics to pick up the large engines and move them along a progressive assembly line, into and out of test cells, and into paint booths.

Another example is the automatically guided roll-over vehicle developed to safely and efficiently position large power-gen engines during major overhaul and remanufacturing operations and to ergonomically position personnel around its 360 degree rotating platform. 

DSC 0516 small4

Engineered to operate automatically by following a pre-determined path, these units are fitted with an automatic return to start function and guided along the set path through a laser guidance system.  These AGV/MGV’s are capable of side to side (crabbing), front to back, diagonal, and zero turn motion control.

The PLC based control systems provides customization of operating and safety features.  The vehicle is equipped with batteries, battery charger, battery meter and a protection from over discharge module.  The battery/charging system features TPPL type batteries and an on-board, fully automatic electronic battery charger capable of both standard and opportunity charging schemes. 

All AGV’s are also designed to be manually controlled remotely, in order to move the unit off the line for charging or maintenance purposes.

For more information, Photos and Videos, visit our AGV/MGV case studies