Automated Guided Vehicle Project

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Automated Guided Vehicle Project

Automated guided vehicle projects offer many benefits when looking to increase productivity. The question of ‘when should a business employ an AGV system’ comes down to the need for greater efficiency. Other questions like labor shortages, wanting to maximize space, being progressive, sustainability, or the need to embed current processes in automation are also indicators of when a company should use an AGV system.

Increase Productivity with an Autonomous Guided Vehicle Project

Downtime is greatly decreased with continuous-run AGV systems in place. With multiple AGVs running their preprogrammed course through the assembly, MRO, or manufacturing processes intermittent charging doesn’t affect production. AGVs increase production capacity with connected process automation, better interoperability, and enhanced logistics.

With real-time tracking, a company can detect potential problems in the production chain before they occur. IIoT is the industrial internet of things, a system of connected sensors offering analytics of each AGV’s health as well as its placement in the line. The mapping software interface gives you a complete real-time view of your AGV’s movements. You can also view performance reports, equipment status, and trajectory history. This technology allows for less downtime due to advanced warnings of a potential issue with a part or component. Therefore, if your company is tired of downtime taking hours or days to resolve, then you’re ready for an AGV system.

Another major issue facing the assembly and MRO industries are labor shortages. Simple but tasking jobs like moving products through the line have cost companies valuable production time because of workplace accidents. AGVs eliminate human error and injuries. Also, when you relieve your employees of low-value-added tasks, our autonomous guided vehicles efficiently address this shortage while enhancing the value of your workforce. Thus, if you’re having problems finding the right people for the job or looking to phase people out of tedious jobs, then you know you’re ready to include an AGV system in your operations.

Reduce Human Errors with AGVs in the Workplace

Self-guided vehicles minimize the risk of error and product damage by following a pre-set path. They will stop at multiple work cells and adjust their height, or position the product at an ergonomic angle for the technician or robot to work at, maximizing quality while improving production rates. As your facility grows the solution is simple: purchasing more AGV units and having them programmed to follow in the footsteps of your existing fleet is an easy fix. This flexible, scalable approach reduces capital expenditures, lowers risk, and increases your ROI year after year. So, when you feel it’s time to grow your business, AGVs simplify the process.

Human error in the assembly, MRO, and manufacturing industries hurt your bottom line, so reducing your staff and replacing menial jobs with automation reduces downtime, costly workplace accidents, and paid time off. Yes, AGV systems are a costly upfront expense, but their ROI over a short period will show their worth and increase efficiency.

If your business is considering an AGV system to increase efficiency in your facility, consult the AGV professionals who can help you understand the benefits of employing a robust AGV system.