Assembly and Maintenance for Energy Industry

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Designing and building material handling equipment for the energy industry has challenged Handling Specialty’s technical sales and engineering personnel time and again. But the education and experience gathered over the last 57 years has given Handling Specialty the confidence and know-how to always create something innovative to solve the specific application’s needs.

Designing and manufacturing assembly equipment to maintenance equipment, Handling Specialty develops custom material handling equipment for todays complex roles. From nuclear management and maintenance to turbine assembly, there is none better suited to lead your company into the future with their robust builds and detail-oriented designs.

Assembly platforms have become a specialty within the design firm, creating complex systems to move people above, below and around the product to efficiently and ergonomically assist in the assembly and maintenance of turbines. Great efforts have gone into customizing in order to best position technicians and make the process as intuitive as possible for the operators.

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Examples of vertical assembly lifts in the energy industry include both upright and inverted designs. Uprights can be seen in operations where assembly of a turbine rises and lowers from floor level as the product is built. The Handling Specialty Iris positioning lift allows for the center opening (where the turbine is being assembled) to open and close to the circumference of the product. This assists in positioning the technicians at optimal range. Additionally, a staircase rises and lowers with the platform offering access to and from the platform at all times. These types of vertical lifts can be raised on a four-post design or placed in-ground at floor level.

Vertical lifts can take on several design features, including sliding bridges; enabling assembly personnel more precise positioning around the product. Each bridge can be operated individually or in tandem with one another depending on the requirements.

Personnel Lift for the Energy Industry

An inverted vertical platform is stored in the ceiling of a facility and lowers to the required level to perform maintenance within nuclear power plants. These units have very specific applications and additionally work on rails to move them along a specified path. These units can also lower to another set of tracks, disengage from their inverted tracks and become upright lifts.

Where applications for vertical platform lifts become perplexing and require a custom design, Handling Specialty should be your first consideration. Their many decades of solving material handling problems, and their exceptional manufacturing and service departments dedicated to building and maintaining your equipment, are just some of the reasons to put them to work for you.

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To discuss your vertical platform lifting needs contact our sales manager, Mike Roper.