Applying Custom Work Positioners in Your Facility

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Applying Custom Work Positioners in Your Facility

Employing custom work positioners in your facility when you have a need to rotate your parts and product for assembly, maintenance, or repair operations, is a step toward efficiency. These material handling accessories precisely position your product for weldments and assembly offering ergonomics and proficiency for your workforce.

Head & tail stock designs provide full rotational access along the horizontal axis for positioning long, heavy weldments with large offsets. These can be customized to add an additional axis of rotation on the load beam, which allow the operator to easily position the weldment into the most optimal hand-welding positions. Head stock/tail stock positioners can safely and quickly rotate and manipulate weldments for optimum welding comfort, access and position. Head and tail stocks are also available with elevating options for maintaining a precise, constant centerline. These units can also be rail mounted to accommodate varying part lengths.

A properly positioned weldment, regardless of the size, reduces welder fatigue, increases safety, improves weld quality, and saves on production floor space. By relocating the weldment or assembly component, workers are not forced into unsafe or ergonomically uncomfortable position.

Why a Work Positioner?

A crucial part of any manual or robotic welding operation is how the part is positioned. Our positioners can be easily integrated into your existing system or assembly line to help optimize your processes and procedures.

Work Positioner Applications

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Custom Work Positioner Applications

Some applications require specific considerations due to the physical size of the part or tooling, special material handling requirements, or other factors. This is where Handling Specialty’s 55 plus years of engineering and manufacturing custom lifting and positioning solutions becomes your greatest advantage. Handling Specialty will develop a concept to improve your production throughput, safety and quality.

Handling Specialty positioners support a variety of tooling fixtures and customizable weight capacities for specific scenarios, which allows welding applications to reach maximum efficiency

Handling Specialty will travel to your facility for installation anywhere in the world. Training is also available to ensure that your operator and service staff have the knowledge to confidently run the system and perform simple maintenance tasks. After installation, we support your equipment with a parts and services department to make sure your system continues to operate at optimal efficiency.

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IIoT Systems and Work Positioners

IIoT systems are also a consideration to integrate into custom work positioners to help avoid downtime by alerting you of issues before they become catastrophic. The Industrial Internet of Things allows a factory to anticipate a part failure and wear and tear on a machine before it becomes a problem. Being Pre-emptive to downtime is essential in keeping your operations running smoothly.

Interested in including ta custom work positioner in your assembly, maintenance, or repair operations? Contact one of our experienced technical sales people today.