AGVs in Lift and Hoist Magazine

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Our AGV article was picked up by Lift and Hoist Magazine for the month of April, urging manufacturers to consult experienced suppliers when automating heavy material handling tasks in production and assembly. An automated guided vehicle system should be considered at the start of the planning process when building a new assembly facility. Lift and carry capacities, dimensions, safety features, cycles, navigation, IIoT industry 4.0 and many other factors are essential in ensuring the factory floor runs smoothly from day one.

Lift and Hoist Magazine

Handling Specialty custom-engineers all of our AGVs and MGVs to work for specific application needs on a per customer basis in multiple industries. Serving Aerospace, automotive, Advanced Manufacturing, Energy, Process, Steel, and Rail industries has offered a wealth of knowledge in building AGVs from the ground up and this experience is passed on in every project the company acquires.

Discover the benefits of working with a competent design/build firm when considering automating your factory floor.