AGV’s and Aerospace Assembly

Aerospace AGV

AGVs are a perfect fit for aerospace assembly lines and material handling where your facility requires 24/7 operation, lift or rotation, high-duty cycles or heavy payload transport. The world economy is changing, and Handling Specialty is seeing an increased demand for manufacturing solutions that can respond to these changes.

Traditional carriage systems don’t allow aerospace manufacturers the flexibility to make changes in an environment where it is often required to do so. AGV’s, also known as or battery-powered transfer carts offer the flexibility to rearrange assembly lines with ease, and at little cost to the client. Automated Guided Vehicles can also be added to any assembly line as needed, offering customers limited initial production orders with a lower start-up cost. Each AGV is also outfitted with onboard tooling for specific product applications.

An example of custom tooling built for the aerospace industry includes wing assembly applications. These fittings are designed to attach to the AGV and hold the product in place, allowing for an ergonomic and efficient experience for the assembly personnel. Another example is an aerospace engine carrier.  The same AGV can be used for both by simply changing out the tooling attachments.

AGV Aerospace

The single-model assembly line is failing. Where multiple models and occasionally changing assembly lines of similar products are concerned, AGVs are more suitable. AGVs create a moving surface with power for onboard lift and rotation. By including positioning fixtures and tooling attachments, one AGV can handle a variety of products.

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