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AGV Manufacturer/Manufacturing

What to look for in an AGV manufacturer

When looking at automating your factory floor, choosing an AGV manufacturer-manufacturing should be top of mind. But what do you need to focus on when looking to have a custom AGV designed and built for your specific application? There are many questions to pose when considering an automated guided vehicle system for your assembly, manufacturing, or repair and maintenance operations. We’ll go through some of the most frequently asked questions to help prepare you for this important journey to automation.

Any manufacturer, but especially an automatic guided vehicle manufacturer, should be invested in your vision. Not all AGVs are built the same. Creating a custom-engineered AGV commands experience, knowledge, and case studies from the AGV manufacturer.

AGV Experience

The AGV manufacturing company you decide to design/build your AGV system should show years of experience behind them in the sales, design, manufacture, and support services aspects. Experience is a non-negotiable characteristic any factory should look for when researching a company that will help automate their plant.

Experience as an AGV supplier runs the gambit of sales, engineering, procurement, manufacturing, logistics, installation, and service. Every department offers experience, and that experience offers value. When you receive value from those running these departments, your AGV system will show value on the floor.

AGV Knowledge

Knowing the ins and outs of AGV design, manufacture, installation, and maintenance comes from a deep well of experience. Knowledge is earned and therefore employing the best AGV manufacturer means working with a company that has seen it all before.

Knowledge base when designing/building an automated guided vehicle system includes multiple disciplines.  From the technical salespeople who review your facility’s specific needs to the project managers, quality assurance, procurement, mechanical engineers, mechanical designers, hydraulic engineers, electrical engineers, electrical designers, electricians, controls specialists, programmers, shop coordinators, welders, millwrights, machine assemblers, installation crews, and parts & services technicians.

IIoT knowledge is also becoming more important with AGV systems. Being able to track your material handling equipment’s health through AGV IIoT will offer less downtime due to equipment failure using analytics to alert your operations manager as well as the OEM so the problem doesn’t become an issue on the line.

Using one company to build out your AGV system and maintain that system is a crucial part of utilizing the knowledge base of the company. When everything is managed from cradle to grave by one company the shared, intimate knowledge between departments shows in the services.

Designing your AGV

AGV Case Studies

When researching AGV suppliers to design and build your assembly, manufacturing, or MRO AGV system, it is important that they include case studies of other AGV systems they’ve built and maintained. No AGV is built the same, and your custom AGV manufacturer should have multiple examples to show you of past projects.

Even if none of these project case studies directly correlate with yours, there are always features that will fit within your project’s schematics. This is where a skilled and knowledgeable technical salesperson will offer insights into how best to build your facility’s automatic guided vehicle system.

Including multiple industries in their AGV case studies is a bonus, showing the diverse ability of an OEM to satisfy a myriad of scenarios. Troubleshooting and problem-solving AGV systems further embed experience and knowledge into an original equipment manufacturer. With this far-reaching, and unique combination of experience and knowledge born from real-world encounters, you will have found the right AGV manufacturer for your project.


When including these three factors in your AGV System design and build research, you will have discovered a partner who is as invested in your AGV project as you are. To get started on your AGV project you can contact our technical sales team through our online form.

Additionally, you can review our free AGV Buyer’s Guide, or review our AGV brochure.