Aerospace test cell man lifts

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To assist our many aerospace customers in conducting performance testing on aero engines, Handling Specialty manufactures Custom material handling equipment designed to operate within the client’s test cells to their specific application requirements.

Test cells are typically equipped with hydraulically-actuated, pit mounted scissor lifts designed for safe and reliable access to the engines.  These lifting systems can also be used to dock the engine into the thrust stand or support structure.  These robust lift systems can also be equipped with integrated secondary personnel lifts for additional access to critical areas.  Handling Specialty’s test cell lifting equipment is built to accurately position heavy loads, endure extreme operating conditions and designed to meet explosion proof classifications. 

Test Cell 1

Safety and reliability are two important aspects of everything Handling Specialty manufactures and when lifting personnel and equipment inside an aero engine test cell, these characteristics remain top of mind.  Secondary anti-collapse systems are employed as well as machine guarding, removable guard rails/gates and telescoping access stair assemblies.   Operator interfaces can range from simple push button style panels to fully integrated, HMI’s and feature rich touch screen displays.  Controls systems can provide real time performance and maintenance data, diagnostic tools, remote troubleshooting, and are interface ready for integration into factory automation systems.

Why incorporate personnel lifts into to your aero engine test cell? The processes required within the test cell are made considerably more efficient and safer when employing a personnel lift.  Technicians and operators are not required to work from ladders or scaffolding and can perform tasks at a correct ergonomic position.

For more information on Handling Specialty’s aero engine test cell lifting solutions, contact Mike Roper.