Aero Engine Assembly Lifts

Personnel lift2

Handling Specialty has developed a solid reputation for delivering safe, intelligent and robust material handling equipment to the Aerospace Industry utilized in the assembly, testing and MRO of aero engines.  Our expertise align very well with the requirements of the aerospace industry and in particular, with aero-engine manufacturers, overhaul & test facilities. Examples of recent applications include engine lifting systems for assembly & dress/strip, test cell lift platforms, manually/automatically guided engine transporters and custom personnel lifts. 

If your operations require a safe, efficient and reliable method of positioning technicians and operators to the correct elevation and position to complete assembly, repair and testing operations, Handling Specialty’s engineered lifting solutions are a superior alternative to ladders, rolling type stairs and fixed height stands.  These systems also offer many ergonomic and safety benefits allowing technicians to access the engine at the correct elevation and position.  These custom personnel lifts are engineered to suit within existing building constraints and can be rated for use in explosion proof areas such as paint booths or test cells.

Handling Specialty’s unique approach creates a safe work environment for employees, engines and auxiliary equipment by incorporating many redundant safety features into each design.  These types of safety features often include secondary anti-fall protection systems to protect against a catastrophic failure, redundant braking solutions, dead man (Momentary operation)style operator interfaces, machine guarding and programmable safety laser scanners.  Electro-mechanical or hydraulically actuated drive systems provide for accurate and repeatable positioning, smooth motion characteristics and simple motion control.  In addition to the precise lift/lower capabilities, these systems can be designed to accommodate multiple axis of motion with fully automated, synchronized and coordinated movements for platform extensions or platform side-shift.  Control of all axis of motion can be fully automated or sequenced by operator intervention.  Operator interfaces range from simple push buttons to high performance, touch screen HMI’s for simple and seamless communications between the user and the control system.  Full color visual displays of the equipment, security access login, data collection, performance optimization, maintenance planning and diagnostic tools are a few typical features that can be incorporated into the system controls.  

Given that each project has different technical and scope requirements, Handling Specialty’s creative engineering team collaborates with its clients from conceptual engineering through detailed design.  In addition to a comprehensive inspection and validation process, all equipment undergoes thorough performance testing and each client is invited to participate in a full factory acceptance test prior to shipment.  Turnkey installations, onsite training, maintenance, spare parts and technical support are routine activities provided by Handling Specialty’s Professional Services Group.  A highly skilled and dedicated work force delivers innovative solutions, exceptional professional support, world class credentials and an unmatched experience.

Handling Specialty is considered the premier source of custom engineered lifting systems utilized in aeroengine assembly and test applications which celebrate safety and efficiency.  For more information on this production proven technology, or to learn more about Handling Specialty’s expertise with custom engineered material handling solutions, please contact Mike Roper at 906-945-9661 ext. 234 or via email.