Advanced Manufacturing and AGVs

AGV diagnostics screen

AGV’s for Manufacturing and Assembly

Advanced manufacturing has a broad connotation and can apply to multiple industries. The same can be said about the Automated Guided Vehicle, and the two are often found sharing a story; as AGV’s are now widely used in the manufacturing processes of various industries. Advanced manufacturing is a term which relates to the industry of building products. More often then not, those products are mass produced in a facility which includes both robotic and human assembly cells.

At Handling Specialty, AGV’s are designed from the ground up to custom engineer a portion of the processes which assist in the assembly of products which range from marine vehicles to recreational vechicles, automobiles and truck bodies.  Handling has experience in all of these industries which employ heavy-duty AGV’s and MGV’s. As each product differs in shape, weight and size, each opportunity to design an automated or manually guided vehicle requires the experience of a technical sales team, engineering department, manufacturing know-how and a professional services team to install, train and follow up on the equipment.

Many manually guided vehicles are also capable of being upgraded to an automated version allowing the assembly floor to program their vehicles as they travel through each work cell, rather than require an operator, freeing them up to concentrate on the assembly work.  IIoT is also a consideration for any facility employing an AGV in order to monitor the battery levels and tech-heavy systems aboard the vehicle. Sensors and HMI screens as well as lifting platforms and other necessary technologies included on AGVs create an efficient workspace filled with ergonomic benefits for employees.


Case studies abound on the Handling Specialty website where customers and potential clients can browse similar industry results and request their own custom AGV or MGV application.