360 access to equipment

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Roll-Over Vehicles Offer Unlimited access to Equipment

Handling Specialty has developed a solid reputation for delivering safe, intelligent and robust material handling equipment for the Energy industry.

Roll-over handling equipment is traditionally fixed in place to receive equipment for maintenance or assembly. These custom engineered automatically guided roll-over vehicles were developed for our client in Austria to carry the load and position it at workstations where the technicians receive the engine.  Designed to safely and efficiently position large power-gen engines during major overhaul and remanufacturing operations, the roll-over capabilities of this equipment provide ergonomic positioning for technicians working with the engines. Easy access to specific features of the large engines makes the task of assembly and review much more efficient and less labour-intensive. The roll-over feature of the MGV is controlled by a handheld pendant allowing the operator to move around the unit, ensuring its placement meets the needs of the technicians.

Engineered to operate manually or automatically by following a pre-determined path, these units are fitted with an automatic return to start function and guided along the set path via a laser guidance system.  These units are capable of side to side, front to back, diagonal (crabbing) and zero turn motion control.

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The PLC based control system provides customization of operating and safety features.  The vehicle is equipped with batteries, battery charger, battery meter and protection from over discharge module. Though the automated guided roll-over vehicle can be programmed to follow a set path, it is also designated an MGV; manually controlled through the same remote pendant used to operate the roll-over feature, in order to move the unit off the line for charging or maintenance purposes.

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The battery/charging system features TPPL type batteries and an onboard, fully automatic electronic battery charger capable of both standard and opportunity charging schemes.  Fitted with application-specific tooling, these impressive vehicles can be designed to carry and rotate virtually any product requiring 360-degree accessibility.

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