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Flexible Solutions from an AGV Manufacturer

Flexible Solutions from an AGV Manufacturer On the topic of flexible solutions from an AGV manufacturer, one must include intelligent fleet management, job specific applications, automation, and the industrial internet...

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What is a Custom Assembly Personnel Lift

What is a Custom Assembly Personnel Lift?As the name implies, the assembly personnel lift is a custom engineered man-lift designed to assist technicians in the assembly of product from aerospace...

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Rail Vehicle Maintenance Equipment Checklist

Rail Vehicle Maintenance Equipment ChecklistAs a design/build firm and service provider, we have written on rail vehicle maintenance equipment in the past citing many solutions to best equip your rail...

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What Encompasses Rail Maintenance Equipment?

What Encompasses Rail Maintenance Equipment?Rail maintenance equipment is a broad term covering a myriad of equipment categories to assist in the maintenance and repair operations of rail equipment such as...

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MGV with Rail Trucks

AGV Manufacturer Check List

AGV Manufacturer Check ListAn AGV manufacturer checklist is an essential tool to understanding the requirements for an industry looking to include AGV systems into their assembly, manufacturing, and MRO facilities.

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Personell Lifts

Material Handling Solutions for Industry

When we discuss material handling solutions for industry, what are we talking about? The term industry integrates multiple businesses including manufacturing, assembly, maintenance, and repair operations.

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In-Floor Scissor Lift

In-floor scissor lift systems are an ideal choice for facilities looking to operate the maximum number of vehicles & machinery per square foot but may have a limited-service area.

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Custom rail MRO material handling equipment

Handling Specialty is right on track when it comes to the design, manufacture and installation of custom material handling equipment utilized for rail/transportation manufacturing and MRO operations.

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Heavy Duty 4 Post Lift

Heavy Duty 4 Post Lift: To lift a vehicle or machinery that weighs in excess of 12,000 lbs. requires specialized lifting equipment like a heavy duty four post lift.

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Unloader Lift with cart

AGV Solutions

Manufacturing and many other industries have a great demand for material handling equipment to move goods, equipment, and materials in their production process.

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Ladle lift for steel industry

Full Rise Scissor Lift

The full rise scissor lift has become a popular and versatile asset for automotive repair shops, well-known chains of muffler, brake and tire replacement, and 5-minute oil change outlets.

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Custom scissor lift for robotic paint cell2

Mid Rise Scissor Lift

A mid rise scissor lift is a machine used to raise vehicles when they need work to be carried out on the underside.

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Dancing waters

Maintaining Theatre Stage Lifts

Is your stage equipment ready to invite your audience back?We know you’re ready, but Handling Specialty asks the question of whether your stage lift equipment is.

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What is a Scissor Lift Table?

A scissor lift table is a great tool that elevates a work surface to a comfortable working height. Back injuries are common with manual work.

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4 post lift 4 v4

Get to Know Four Post Lifts

Four Post LiftA four post lift is a mechanical lifting system which relies on 4 posts to lift a piece of equipment, or a vehicle to a specified height in...

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Hydraulic Scissor Lift for Entertainment Industry

Heavy-duty Scissor Lifts

Heavy-Duty Scissor Lifts for Material HandlingA heavy-duty scissor lift is a mechanical lifting device built for the specific purpose of raising and lowering product and or people to a desired...

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MGV with Extension collage

MGV for Assembly Processes

Manual Guided Vehicles for Assembly ProcessesHandling Specialty recently completed an order for seven manually guided vehicles (MGV’s) for use in the assembly of military style side by sides.

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LHI Mag April AGV banner

AGVs in Lift and Hoist Magazine

Our AGV article was picked up by Lift and Hoist Magazine for the month of April, urging manufacturers to consult experienced suppliers when automating heavy material handling tasks in production...

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AGVs for Manufacturing and Assembly

Familiarize yourself with AGVs for manufacturing Automatic guided vehicles should be on your radar if you’re looking into adding or improving automation in your assembly or manufacturing facility.

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Plant 2 Products

Manufacturing Through COVID-19

From the start, Handling Specialty has been grateful for having been labeled ‘essential’ in that we support multiple industries who manufacture and assemble and maintain equipment and products deemed ‘essential’...

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Manually Guided Vehicles and Rail

Handling Specialty’s manually guided vehicles (MGVs) are designed to raise and traverse heavy loads and are robustly engineered for service in the rail/transportation industry.

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Benefit from Experience

How Architecture & Engineering Firms Benefit from Handling Specialty Architecture & Engineering (A&E) firms provide professional services to support large industrial and infrastructure projects across a wide range of market segments....

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MGV Headstock Tailstock

Material Handling Work Positioners

As the name implies, a work positioner efficiently and safely positions a product for assembly, maintenance or repair in an ergonomic fashion which offers easy access to every component for...

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ForkliftAction 3

Forklift Service Lift

The Excalibur In 1993 Handling Specialty acquired the manufacturing rights to the Forklift Service platform called Excalibur.

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Promoting The Trades and Handling Specialty

When an educational/community relations opportunity came up through the Hamilton and Oshawa Port Authority, who are working with the Industry Education Council of Hamilton about promoting careers in the skilled...

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Vertical Paint booth gantry going up v2

Dealer Outreach Custom Material Handling

Do you know how Handling Specialty can help grow your business? Custom material handling equipment is what we do, from technical sales to engineering, manufacturing, installation, training, service and parts.

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Staying Informed on Material Handling

Handling Specialty has been building custom equipment for the material handling industry since 1963 and has diversified its industry reach from automotive to aerospace, entertainment, advanced manufacturing, rail and transportation,...

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Material Handling and Process Industries

From steel manufacturing to mining operations,  food production, paper mills and plastics, process manufacturing is a far-reaching industry which services an enormous range of B2B and B2C customers.

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QR Graphic

QR Code Service Stickers

Ordering replacement parts or making a service request should be the easiest step in having your Handling Specialty equipment serviced.

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Plant 2 overview v2

The Evolution of Plant 2

Handling Specialty added 80,000 square feet to our manufacturing capabilities in 2007 by renting space in Hamilton, Ontario.

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Lifting v2

In-Ground Turbine Lift Assembly

In-Ground Turbine Lift Assembly In order to build out turbines for power generation, Handling Specialty engineers custom in-ground lifts to be placed in pits fully assembled so technicians can work on...

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time lapse pic

Time-lapse: Bringing Equipment to Life

Because of the sheer size and escalating complexities of Handling Specialty’s material handling equipment, filming a build with time-lapse photography gave marketing a new tool to get across the magnitude...

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Aviation Week MRO Cover

Aviation Week Spotlight

If you’re in the business of assembling major components for the aviation industry, then you know Handling Specialty is the right fit for your company.

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Automotive Turntables

Automotive Turntables From entertainment to the automotive industry, manual and automated turntables play a role in multiple industries.

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Circular Stages for Theaters

Described as a unique theatre-in-the-round, the Circle Theatre at the Pacific Repertory Theater in Carmel, CA makes an ideal setting for experimental plays, original material, and other works enhanced by...

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Raised Detail

Innovation in Material Handling

Innovation is at the core of everything Handling Specialty designs. Why? Because virtually every order we receive is to solve a specific application required by our customer.

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Robust Personnel Lift

When your assembly process requires up/down motion to position your technicians with 360-degree access to the product, Handling Specialty should be your first call.

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Four-Post Rotators

Four-Post Rotators will Excite your Material Handling Needs Whichever industry you’re in; if your application requires assembly of large, heavy-capacity engines or other large-scale equipment, a rotating lift is your best...

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Transportation Industry Handling Equipment

Transportation Industry Handling Equipment Keeps Customers Coming back Heavy rail and transportation material handling equipment has been a large part of Handling Specialty’s portfolio for years.

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Aerospace AGV

AGV’s and Aerospace Assembly

AGVs are a perfect fit for aerospace assembly lines and material handling where your facility requires 24/7 operation, lift or rotation, high-duty cycles or heavy payload transport.

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Tandem no load

Manually Guided Transporters

Manually Guided Transporters in the Energy Industry. An MGV can be as big or as small as the application demands. At Handling Specialty, we don’t really build small.

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Vehicle lIft 2

Automotive Lift Systems

This hot-dip galvanized automotive lift system will be used in a water spray booth for testing leaks in vehicles at a major vehicle manufacturer in Toledo, OH.

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Material Handling Accounting

Meet Debbie Guild, with Handling Specialty since 1979! On May 20, 1979, I received a phone call for an interview. I agreed to meet the gentleman who called.

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Cropped on AGV v2

AGVs Simplify Assembly

Move your product effortlessly with Automated or Manually Guided Vehicles.  Design your facility’s path, lay the magnetic stripe on the assembly floor and place your AGV’s.

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Russell Johnston to Receive Prestigious Award

The Council of the Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists have awarded Russell Johnston, of Handling Specialty, the George Burwash Langford Memorial award in recognition of outstanding technical...

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Underwater Stage Lifts – A Legacy

Underwater Stage Lifts – A Legacy Did you know that Handling Specialty has designed, manufactured and installed the underwater stage lifts for all of the Oasis-class Royal Caribbean Aquatheaters? Our success in...

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ladle lift with Logo

Steel Handling Problems Solved

Ladle lifts solve steel industry re-bricking problem The term ladle in the steel industry essentially shares its name with a soup ladle in that it holds a liquid.

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Automotive Handling Equipment

Stamping is the process of placing flat sheet metal in either blank or coil form into a stamping press where a tool and die surface forms the metal into a set shape....

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Manufacturing for Manufacturers

Who Manufactures Equipment for the Manufacturers? Every large, complex product requires an equally complex design around the manufacturing of said product.

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Three Axis Mast Lift

These eight robust, Three Axis Mast Lifts were custom engineered for an aerospace manufacturer to ergonomically position technicians during their upper wing panel sealing process.

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360 access to equipment

Roll-Over Vehicles Offer Unlimited access to Equipment Handling Specialty has developed a solid reputation for delivering safe, intelligent and robust material handling equipment for the Energy industry.

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Blast booth ribbon cutting

New Blast & Paint Booth Grand Opening

New Blast & Paint Booth Grand Opening - Christmas Came Early for Handling Specialty The new paint booth and blast booth gracing Handling Specialty’s plant 2 in Hamilton, Ontario expand on...

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Customizing automotive lifts

Customizing automotive lift and positioning product design Customizing automotive lift and positioning product design is Handling Specialty’s wheelhouse.

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New Cirque du Soleil Logo

Rotating Stage Lifts

 Large Turntables for the Entertainment Industry Handling Specialty has designed and built turntables for multiple industries over the years, and the entertainment industry is a big one! With experience engineering heavy-duty...

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92690 2 001 LARGE

MGV-AGV for Assembly of Engines

Where ergonomics and efficient factory design meet heavy-duty lift and transfer equipment. That’s Handling Specialty’s wheelhouse. Robust, Custom material handling equipment built for specific applications for multiple industries.

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P1010266 small

Rail car shunting locomotives

Recently Handling Specialty held a training session where two Zephir Crab 5000 E models were included to assist in the performance of maintenance duties.

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RCCL Stage Lift

Custom Designed Stage Lifts

  It’s timely to be talking about custom stage lifts today as we solidify another aqua-theatre stage project  with our friends at Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.

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Custom Whiting Electric Jacks

Found in Locomotive maintenance shops and rail yards the world over, the Whiting Portable Electric Jack is the industry standard that continues to outlast the competition.

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Our Professional Services Specialist

  Meet Marek Cybula, Handling Specialty’s Professional Services Specialist. Mareks employment with Handling Specialty commenced in May of 2002, entering the company from the steel industry.

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ladle transfer car

Ladle Transfer Cars

Ladle Transfer Cars. Yes, we make those. Ladle transfer cars are used to carry hot metal ladles for transfer within the plant.

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P1010089 small

Rail Car Leveling Spreader

The motorized load-leveling spreader was designed to assist rail companies in removing various lengths and weights of roofs from their rail cars.

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Our Shop Coordinator

  A great way to get to know a company is through their people. Handling Specialty has been introducing their employees to one another through  newsletters for years.

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Guest Post on MHI’s Blog

  Check out Handling Specialty’s Guest Post today on MHI’s Blog featuring thought leadership on employing AGV and MGV’s into your #manufacturing, #Assembly or #Warehousing facility. http://s354933259. onlinehome.

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ned logo

Niagara Comes to Handling Specialty

Niagara Economic Development Comes to Handling Specialty A group of International Investment Development Representatives visited Handling Specialty on May, 11th, 2018 through our contacts at Niagara Regions Economic Development.

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P1000841 small

Engine Rollover Stations

How Can Engine Rollover Stations Make Your Job Easier? Handling Specialty recently completed a 15 and 30 Ton Engine Rollover Station for the energy industry which were placed in a state-of-the-art...

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P1000750 small

Blank Handling Carts for Automotive

  What is a Blank Handling Cart and why should every automotive manufacturer include them into their facility’s design? Handling Specialty has been engineering and manufacturing handling equipment for the automotive...

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Automated Guided Vehicles Aid Assembly

Handling Specialty has developed a solid reputation for delivering safe, intelligent and robust material handling equipment utilized in the assembly, testing, inspection and maintenance of power generation products for multiple...

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Edited2 cropped1 small

Automatically Guided Roll-Over Vehicles

Automatically Guided Roll-Over Vehicles for the Advanced Manufacturing Industry Handling Specialty has developed a solid reputation for delivering safe, intelligent and robust material handling equipment utilized in the assembly, testing, inspection...

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AGV Case Study and IIoT

AGV Case Study and Future Featured Applications In the summer of 2015, a major truck body manufacturer was awarded a walk-in van order to be built and delivered within a very...

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solar 026

Turbine Assembly-Manufacturing

Electro-mechanical lifts for Turbine Assembly/Manufacturing Handling Specialty has developed a solid reputation for delivering safe, intelligent and robust material handling equipment to power-gen industries utilized in the assembly, testing and MRO...

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Royal Caribbean Case Study-Symphony of the Seas

Royal Caribbean Case Study-Symphony of the Seas Did you know that Handling Specialty has designed, manufactured and installed the underwater stage lifts for all of the Oasis class Royal Caribbean Aquatheaters? Our...

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Skillet Lifts for Final Assembly

Skillet Lifts for Final Assembly Handling Specialty helped pioneer the modern automotive final assembly line back in the early 80s with the development of ergonomic and efficient electro-mechanical lifts for the...

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Design Engineering February2

Campaign 2018 – Design Engineering

Campaign 2018 – Design Engineering After investing considerable time in developing 2018’s marketing campaign and surveying our own engineers on its appeal, Handling Specialty has developed our advertising campaign around the...

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DSC 0536 small

Automatically Guided Roll-Over Vehicles

Automatically Guided Roll-Over Vehicles These custom engineered, automatically guided roll-over vehicles were developed to safely and efficiently position large power-gen engines during major overhaul and remanufacturing operations.

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Split Rail Video2

Split Rail System Operation Description

  Split Rail System Video  Operation Description From positioning the remote-controlled, battery-powered cart, to lifting the cylinder and making contact with the vehicle's wheelset axle, there is much to know when changing out a...

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20170523 123622 small

Winter is here are you ready?

  Winter is here; and for many locations it signals an important opportunity to focus on the maintenance of your material handling equipment.

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Power-Gen Thank you

  We hope those of you who traveled to the Power-Gen show in Las Vegas last week enjoyed your trip.

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Image 31

Move Steel Easily

How do you move heavy loads of steel from one station to another? Handling Specialty’s custom engineered, rugged transfer vehicles offer flexibility to their designs allowing for the easy extension to...

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DSC 0250

Nose Cone Gantries

Nose Cone Gantries How do you change a windshield wiper on a rail vehicle that has a curved and sloped front? Many companies have turned to using Handling Specialty’s Nose Cone Gantry....

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Large Scale Theater Lifts

Large Scale Theater Lifts for Productions Whether Circular, square, rectangular or another custom shape built to fit your production or theater stage, Handling Specialty can build the Stage lift to match...

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Plant 2 overview2

Our Manufacturing Facilities

Where We Build Big Things So Our Customers Can Build Big Things Handling Specialty has two facilities with our head office in the free-trade corridor of the golden horseshoe in Ontario,...

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20170215 145006 mp small

Rail-Transit Industry Maintenance Lifts

  Rail/Transit Industry Maintenance Lifts and Platforms The Rail and Transportation industry is a multifaceted and complex enterprise requiring heavy, reliable and robust equipment to move, lift and rotate massive rail vehicles...

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Heavy duty mechanical lift for steel industry header

Mechanical Lifts for Steel Industry

  The hazardous and rigorous demands of the metal processing industry requires equipment that is robust, reliable and satisfies stringent safety standards. Handling Specialty builds to these specifications.

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FitWyIxMjAwIiwiODAwIl0 Image 2

Turbine Rotating Mast Lifts

Whether for equipment inspection, maintenance or assembly, handling Specialty can design, build and support your next Turbine rotator or tilter.

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Wind Baffle3

Specialized Material Handling Equipment

  Do You Use Specialized Material Handling Equipment?   Custom material handling solutions for specialized applications is what we do, and there are multiple examples of our custom work throughout our website....

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Backstage Four Post Lift for Scenery and Sets 2

Backstage Theater Lifts

Backstage Theater Lifts, an Essential Part of Your Audience’s Experience Handling Specialty custom engineers, manufactures and installs backstage lifting devices for theaters all over the world.

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Personnel lift2

Aero Engine Assembly Lifts

Handling Specialty has developed a solid reputation for delivering safe, intelligent and robust material handling equipment to the Aerospace Industry utilized in the assembly, testing and MRO of aero engines.

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FitWyIxMjAwIiwiODAwIl0 Jet Engine Test Cell Lift 6

Aerospace test cell man lifts

  To assist our many aerospace customers in conducting performance testing on aero engines, Handling Specialty manufactures Custom material handling equipment designed to operate within the client’s test cells to their...

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Aero-engine transporters

Handling Specialty has developed a solid reputation for delivering safe, intelligent and robust material handling equipment to the aerospace Industry utilized in the assembly, testing and MRO of aero engines.

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Rail maintenance lift and positioning

  Rail Maintenance Lift and Positioning Equipment Do you require locomotive maintenance equipment to perform repairs and/or cleaning to the front end of your locomotives? Handling Specialty has designed the perfect option...

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Rendering 1

Transportation Paint Booth Lift Systems

  Paint booth lifts for Rail and Transportation Manufacturing/Maintenance Paint booths for multiple industries can come in a variety of shapes and sizes to be applied to your industry’s specific requirements whether...

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10842118 10153079160444417 5578160059158842098 o

Just Add Water-Underwater stage lift

  Steeped in decades of experience with multiple entertainment customers, one of Handling Specialty’s ground-breaking achievements has been our ability to provide underwater Stage lifts.

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Up cutout web2

MGV for Aerospace

  Manually Guided Vehicles are making their way into every industry, as the need for more customized options to move parts, or assist in the assembly process are realized.

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Image 27

MGVs for the Automotive Industry

If you operate an automotive manufacturing facility, then you’re probably aware of the need for manually guided vehicles. Whether you’ve employed MGV’s in your facility is another story.

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88460 8

Entertainment and Turn Tables

Turn Tables Take on a Life of their Own in the Entertainment Industry Handling Specialty has multiple examples of turn tables designed to enhance a stage show, or promote a product....

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Image 26

Automotive Blank Feed Carts

  Why does my facility need blank feed carts? If you have an automotive manufacturing facility, you’ve likely heard of blank feed carts.

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4 axis positioner

Smart Arm Manipulator

  Handling Specialty’s S. A. M is a laser and camera-assisted motion control solution utilizing a custom heavy-duty multi-axis manipulator arm.   S. A.

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Unit Cutout Small

Four-Post Lift in Assembly

  Looking for a mechanical lifting device which will assist in your end of assembly line duties? These four-post lifts were developed for that purpose for our client to inspect small...

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header logo 05 2016 spot colour

Vertical Drop Lifter

My Automotive Operations Require an Accurate Elevation Change Between Conveyance Lines which will Talk to my Mainframe.

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Manual to Automated Line

A question we hear a lot from our customers is: How do I move from a manual assembly line to one which is more automated? And then: How do I...

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Autonomous vehicles material handling

The autonomous guided vehicle is feature rich and designed for those focused on continuous improvement. Material handling industries find countless uses for automated guided vehicles.

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DSC 104

Wind Tunnel Turn Table Engineering

HSML received a purchase order for one (1) ROT-10 Turntable and one (1) ROT-20 Turntable, A major wind tunnel engineering firm required two turn tables for a wind tunnel they will...

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four-stage hydraulic lift

With a lifting capacity of 12,000 lbs and a fully raised height of 49 feet, this four-stage hydraulic scissor lift was cutom designed for a very specific application at a...

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Lift Truck Portavator

Designed and built to initially service the automotive manufacturing industry’s application needs in moving stamping line dies from one end of their facility to the other, the Portavator can be...

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Manufacturing Day event

In support of the Manufacturing Day event at Mohawk College on October 24, Handling Specialty took part in a film produced to encourage and excite students about the different career...

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88364 May 30 078

Integrated Stage Machinery Automation

Michael Jackson ONE – Integrated Stage Machinery Automation In 2013, the stage lifts for the Cirque du Soleil show featuring Michael Jackson’s music, ONE, were engineered, designed and manufactured by Handling...

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Royal Caribbean number 4 1

Stage Lift System for Royal Caribbean

The Fourth Underwater Stage lift System for Royal Caribbean Before the fourth project for Royal Caribbean cruise lines can be dismantled, painted, packaged and delivered to the latest Oasis class build...

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What custom material handling really means

It requires technically savvy sales people, an engineering department which includes hydraulic, mechanical, electrical, software designers, purchasing departments skilled in procuring the proper equipment, manufacturing professionals to piece together the newly imagined equipment, knowledgeable installation, training and after-market professionals who will support and maintain the custom material handling equipment

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Olive Co

What is an AGV System?

An AGV system, or automated guided vehicle system, otherwise known as an automated guided vehicle, autonomous guided vehicle or even automatic guided cart, is a system which follows a predestined path around a facility. AGV’s are mechanical vehicles which carry a load through either an assembly, manufacturing or warehousing facility.

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Services banner6

Handling Equipment Parts and Maintenance

IN NEED OF SERVICE ON YOUR HANDLING SPECIALTY EQUIPMENT? When you decide to purchase a Handling Specialty product, you’re not just buying a product, you’re buying a custom engineered and manufactured...

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Application 1

Advanced Manufacturing Handling Equipment

Polaris, BRP, GE Transportation, Harley Davidson, Case New Holland; these are some of the companies who trust us to design and build their manufacturing equipment for the advanced manufacturing sector.

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Pratt and Whitney Booth 2016

Pratt and Whitney Vendors Fair 2016

Today our Sales manager, Michael Roper is in Middleton, Connecticut as one of Pratt & Whitney's preferred vendors attending the Environmental, Health & Safety Vendor Fair.

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Blank Destacking Lifts at Automotive Stamping Plant

Automotive manufacturing equipment

Automotive manufacturing equipment - Whether you need marriage lifts, production duty scissor lifts, automated guided vehicles, manually guided vehicles, skillet lifts for trim/find assembly personnel lifts, or blank feed tables for a stamping facility, our team of professionals work with you every step of the way to deliver the right equipment.

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Discover AGV and MGV's for Your Facility

  Automatic and manually guided vehicles are used for multiple applications in manufacturing and assembly facilities to assist in the transportation of product through the line or from the manufacturing floor to the...

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The New Automatic Guided Vehicle Hits the Manufacturing Floor

Not all AGV's – otherwise known as AGC's - are created equal. Handling Specialty's customized automatic guided vehicle was designed, built and tested at their facilities for a truck-body builder who required specific application details and safety options which Handling Specialty delivered.

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Buying Custom Engineered Product? Be Smart About it!

Buying Custom Engineered Product? Be Smart About it!

Engineering is obviously an important step in realizing your custom equipment, but don’t over-look manufacturing. Has the company built the products they’ve engineered? This is where trial and error takes place. This is where real world experience comes into play.

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The Validation for Diversification in Material Handling

The phrase materials handling is a broad term with many meanings and involving many industries. Each industry has its own challenges when manufacturing, shipping, or storing product. Whether they are the manufacturer’s themselves, or are shipping and/or storing products for other manufacturer’s, their requirements for equipment to assist in building, storing or moving those items vary widely depending on the size, weight and nature of the product.

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iWSC logo3

Manufacturing and Supply chain industry career choice

In an effort to support the industry organization MHI, and encourage others to join the Manufacturing and Supply chain industry as a career choice, Handling Specialty's own Sales Manager, Mike Roper, has stepped up to tell us a little something about his experiences in the Manufacturing/Supply Chain industry.

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Forklevator 15

The Forklevator Still Top Performer in Forklift Maintenance in 2016

The Forklevator comes with an industry leading five year structural warranty.

A safer and more efficient working environment has always been the cornerstone to Handling Specialty’s design engineering whether with a standard offering like the Forklevator, or any number of custom builds which make up the majority of Handling Specialty’s diverse and massive breadth of experience.

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Expanded Services Section on Handling Specialty's Website

Expanded Services Section on Handling Specialty's Website

Expanded Services Section on Handling Specialty's Website. In order to keep your equipment running and your operation moving, parts and services are an integral part of the process. From critical spare parts to the planned maintenance services recommended by your manufacturer, it is important to be able to find what you need when unforeseen damages or problems arise with your machinery.

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Consulting Services for your Industrial Applications

Do you know who it is you've hired to offer you expert consultation advice? Are they experts? Do they have a diverse portfolio of work to support their claims?

Where heavy lifting applications, positioning or moving product is concerned, there is arguably no business as well suited to offer consultation services than Handling Specialty. 
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Handling Specialty in the news!

Handling Specialty's expertise in underwater lifts and other Custom material handling solutions was featured in a recent story in the Toronto Star by reporter Dana Flavelle.

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From Tom Beach, President

So it looks as though my persistent and highly motivated Marketing Manager has won our battle and convinced me that writing a BLOG is a good thing.

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Hidden Cost of Material Handling

It wasn’t very long ago that I participated in a business forum where a number of executives spoke about the importance of developing “value added” offerings to their customers.

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Customers in the News

A new feature, Handling Specialty is pleased to share news stories about our customers. For the latest news, click here.  

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The Importance of Good Relationships

For years now, we have enjoyed stating in our covering letters that “Handling Specialty doesn’t just build great equipment…. we build great relationships too”.

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