A large railroad maintenance facility in the United States required a 50-ton drop table to facilitate the change-out of traction motors on its locomotives. Handling Specialty custom engineered and designed a 50 ton drop table that is based on an original heavy duty Whiting Corporation design.

Whiting pioneered the development of the drop table concept. Wheel set change outs are fast, easy and efficient when you choose a drop table from Whiting. Available in single or double axle configurations, Whiting works alongside you to build a system suited exactly to your needs.

Whiting drop tables have many features that make them stand out above the rest, such as rugged body supports and girders, remote operated consoles, a range of customized capacities, self locking jack screws and optional release track tops.


  • Lifting capacity (low speed 2.5’ per minute) 108,000 lbs
  • Lifting capacity (high speed 5’ per minute) 23,000 lbs
  • Lowered height 39 5/8” from top of pit rail to mounting pad for service top
  • Traverse speed of trolley—high speed 30’ per minute
  • Lifting and traverse functions are controlled by radio remote control
  • Lifting done by acme screw jacks, mechanical actuation
  • Screw threads on jacks are self locking


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