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Reliability is carefully engineered into every Whiting portable electric rail jack. For over 80 years Whiting's outstanding design and top quality construction has provided years of dependable service with minimum maintenance. This tradition has established Whiting as the foremost manufacturer of portable electric rail jacks in the world. Available in 25, 50 and 60 ton capacities.

Handling Specialty manufactures and sells Whiting rail jacks and ships them throughout the world. Jacks are also available for lease.

Lighter capacity jacks (5 to 20 tons) are also available for light rail and transit facilities. 

Portable Electric Jacks



  • 25 to 60 tons

Buttress Thread

• The load screw in each Whiting jack is a machined buttress thread
• The buttress thread has an inherent self locking feature which makes them ideal for lifting equipment applications
• No other manufacturer of jacks use buttress threads

Screw In-Compression

• Other manufacturers differ in having their load screws in tension. Our in compression design eliminates the possible breakage in shear when the jacks are under load


• Whiting's jacks are self-locking in case of power failure


• Whiting's "hoist duty" jack motors are all designed and tested to be synchronized to each other as matched sets, to ensure that all jack screws are turning at the same speed. This eliminates the need for expensive equipment to continuously monitor any variation in turning speed and lifting height variations

Electrical Controls

• All electrical components are UL/CSA approved


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