Handling Specialty custom engineered and manufactured a unique truck mounted lift for CN Rail to service the doors and hinges on box cars.  The vehicle is capable of operating either on the road or on rail tracks. Because of its mobility, operators can use the truck either in the rail yard or at their customer’s yard. 

The hydraulic platform lift accommodates two operators at a time to a maximum load of 800 lbs. With 96” vertical travel, the sliding platform of the main lift extends up to 37 1/2” horizontally on the driver’s side to allow closer contact with box cars for lubrication, repair and removal of doors and/or hinges. This lift is equipped with manual controls that can be used to raise and lower the lift and operate the side extension.

A lower fixed platform is used to access the bottom of the box cars. This section also has a sliding platform, approximately 10” from the ground, that can be manually extended to a maximum of 37 1/2”.


  • Two-person capacity on lift, complete with lower stationary platform 
  • Both platforms equipped with extensions which extend up to 37 1/2” horizontally

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